Top paradise islands you must visit once in Vietnam

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Top paradise islands you must visit once in Vietnam
Vietnam is home to lots of paradise islands. Some are really well-known like Phu Quoc, Cat Ba, but others are still hidden gems that need discovering. For nature lovers, you have to visit one of these paradise Vietnamese islands at least once in your lifetime.

  • Nam Du Island

    Nam Du IslandNam Du Island

    Nam Du is an attractive island in Kien Giang province, a charming land in the South of Vietnam. With a system of 21 small islands, Nam Du island is well-known beautiful beaches and the magic marine world. There are some sublime places visitors cannot miss in this island such as Ngang Islet, Mau Islet, Hai Bo Dap, Cay Men beach. The most suitable time for a visit on Nam Du Island is from December to May.

  • Phu Quoc Island

    Phu Quoc IslandPhu Quoc Island

    When it comes to beautiful islands in Vietnam, it is a huge omission not to mention Phu Quoc Island. Coming here you will enjoy the fresh air, spacious peaceful atmosphere and cool breeze far from the hustles of daily life. The crystal-clear sea, white sand, beautiful sunshine and green coconut trees will always give you the greatest experiences.

    One of the trending destinations in Phu Quoc recently is Mong Tay Islet (“Fingernail” Islet) that known as a Maldive of Vietnam. The very first glimpse that you get of Fingernail Island before you arrive there is just beyond words, well it is look like a post card image. Coming to the Mong Tay Island you will quickly overwhelmed with beautiful natural scenery almost no human hand impact.

  • Cham Islands

    Cham IslandsCham Islands

    Cham Islands comprise 8 small islands off the coast of Hoi An, one which is a recognized UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Cu Lao Cham Marine Park attracts travelers looking to enjoy a day of scuba diving and snorkelling, while Hon Lao Island is where you can find fishing villages and pristine beaches that are great for sunbathing and water sports. The islands are about 30 minutes from Chua Dai Beach via express boat. If you are planning on staying on Hon Lao Island, do note that tourists are not allowed to rent motorcycles to get around. Homestays (mostly located along Bai Chong Beach) are the most popular accommodation options on Cham Islands, but there are plenty of restaurants and dive centres that offer tent rentals for about VND 250,000 per night.

  • Ly Son Island

    Ly Son IslandLy Son Island

    Think of Ly Son, you will think of beaches with emerald waters, the continuously white waves or flicker lighthouse’s flashes. Natural scenery is so pristine but it has a marvelous attraction.

    Sunrise watching on top of Thoi Loi, take sunset photos at To Vo Gate or enjoy “goi toi” are the most memorable experiences hardly missed by tourists to Ly Son. This is one of the most impressive tourist attractions of Quang Ngai.

  • Hang Rai

    Hang RaiHang Rai

    Hang Rai is located south of Vinh Hy Bay, about 35km from Phan Rang. It is the region including coral reefs, sea caves ranges to Beach. Hang Rai has unspoiled beauty that will make visitors astonished.

    Hang Rai is like a sleeping princess in a the forest waiting for the prince to awaken, Hang Rai gracefully leans on mountainside and the immense sea giving tourists a rare wonder. Hang Rai brings travelers superb feeling of being lost in the land of fairy tales with nearly perfect beauty. The pile of multiple -shaped stones creates numerous large and small magnificent caves. Hang Rai beach with water color changed according to the sun is a great opportunity for those who love art to satisfy his passion.

  • Cat Ba Island

    Cat Ba IslandCat Ba Island

    Cat Ba Island is composed of 367 islands including Cat Ba Island to the south of Ha Long Bay, off the coast of Hai Phong city. Cat Ba Island’s climate is cool, fresh and suitable for resort tourism. Most visitors come to Cat Ba to swim. In which, Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2 are the two spacious beaches with flat sands so that it is beloved by most travelers. If you want to explore more, you should hire a boat to visit Lan Ha Bay and swim at the sandy beaches in the bay, where the sea water is pure and the space is not very crowded.

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