Top restaurants in Shibuya, Japan

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Top restaurants in Shibuya, Japan
Shibuya is known as one of Tokyo’s best shopping and entertainment districts. From spicy Japanese hot pots and Nordic coffee to Italian pizza and Maine lobster, the area is full of excellent dining options for every appetite.

  • Kaikaiya by the Sea

    Kaikaiya by the SeaKaikaiya by the Sea

    Specializing in seafood freshly caught from Sagami Bay, Kaikaiya is a favorite among locals. The owner and chef has been cooking up his specialties here for over 30 years. It can get crowded, especially on weekends and evenings, so reservations are recommended.

  • Pizza Slice

    Pizza SlicePizza Slice

    A favorite among the city’s expats, Pizza Slice is almost always crowded, even on weeknights. And with good reason, since they serve up some of the best pizza in Tokyo: thin, crispy and at a fairly decent price point.

  • Sushi-no-Midori


    Sushi-no-Midori has earned itself a reputation for being great value for money. Hopeful diners will often be greeted with a long line outside, but the generous portions and excellent service make it worth the wait. The Shibuya branch is located inside Mark City in Shibuya Station.

  • Nagi Ramen

    Nagi RamenNagi Ramen

    Nagi Ramen earned fans with their flagship location in Golden Gai, and now has a few shops spread out over Tokyo. Nagi uses sardines to create a unique and flavorful broth for their noodles. In addition to toppings like green onion and cabbage, diners can fill up on sides like pig’s foot and chicken skin.

  • Luke’s Lobster

    Luke’s LobsterLuke’s Lobster

    The lobster roll that New York City loves has come to Tokyo. Luke’s brings in lobster from Maine, as well as crab and shrimp to create the iconic rolls. The meat is left whole, broken by hand rather than mechanically chopped, giving it a unique taste and texture.

  • Bistro 35 Steps

    Bistro 35 StepsBistro 35 Steps

    This highly-rated izakaya offers a wide variety of dishes to suit everyone’s taste, and an English menu for easy ordering. It’s popular with tourists for this reason, but the food is excellent regardless. The blow-torched mackerel is a hot seller – watch the server sear it with the torch right at your table.

  • Hot Pepper Shabu-Shabu

    Hot Pepper Shabu-Shabu Hot Pepper Shabu-Shabu

    If you’re dining with a group, Shabu-Shabu is a great option. Hot Pepper/OnYasai‘s traditional-inspired Japanese decor and low tables really immerse patrons in the experience. To make sure everyone’s happy, order two different types of broth and cook them in the same pot.

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