Top unusual experiences you should try in Taiwan

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Top unusual experiences you should try in Taiwan
Taiwan is currently enjoying surge in popularity. While there are many attractions on the well-worn tourist path, there are a few activities and sights that do not always make it into the guide books. Here are the most unusual things to do in one of Asia’s up and coming tourist destinations.

  • Visit the Toilet Themed restaurant

    Visit the Toilet Themed restaurantVisit the Toilet Themed restaurant

    Eating food that looks like the chef has produced it in the most unhygienic way is actually a thing in Taipei. In fact, the restaurant that started it all, Modern Toilet, has three branches. All the menu’s delicacies (not quite the right word) arrive at the table in miniature toilet bowls, cisterns, and even urinals. And to say the chocolate ice cream is a sight to behold is something of an understatement.

  • Watch out for ghosts at the Grand Hyatt Taipei

    Watch out for ghosts at the Grand Hyatt TaipeiWatch out for ghosts at the Grand Hyatt Taipei

    Maybe you should pay more heed to your fortune, especially if you are braving a night at one of Asia’s most haunted hotels.

    The Grand Hyatt Taipei may be the epitome of luxury, but is not known for providing a good night’s sleep. Rumour has it that behind the hotel’s chic, modern appearance lies a sordid history, a former prison camp where many were executed during the Japanese Occupation. It is all just hearsay, of course, and management is quick to dismiss any ghoulish gossip, but hey, you can only be sure by experiencing it yourself.

  • Drink beer with some cats

    Drink beer with some catsDrink beer with some cats

    Beer Cat Bar near Zhongshan station is famous not just for the range of beers it sells, but because it has two super cute cats that call the place home. If you are looking for something to do in Taipei at night, with a difference, add this to your list.

    Walk in and within seconds someone small and furry will be winding around your ankles asking for attention. Find Beer Cat at No. 9號, Lane 1, Section 2, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103. The beer is quite pricey so don’t expect a cheap pint but it is a nice chilled bar to hang out in. If you are more a dog fan or on a budget head to Beer Geek where three French Bulldogs will be your fluffy friends of choice for the night, and they have a super cheap happy hour.

  • Eat Phallic Waffles

    Eat Phallic WafflesEat Phallic Waffles

    Taiwan is famous for not really taking things too seriously so it should come as no surprise that an enterprising soul came up with the idea of penis-shaped ice creams and waffles. It was a big hit, and now phallic waffles are a common sight in many of the city’s night markets. Ideal for silly holiday snaps.

  • Explore the Abandoned UFO Houses

    Explore the Abandoned UFO HousesExplore the Abandoned UFO Houses

    Back in the 1960s, a Finnish designer created a ski lodge that looked, basically like a UFO on legs. Called Futuro Houses, there are less than 100 of them left in the world – which is why exploring a small village of at least 10 of them that have been left abandoned really is one of the totally unique things to do in Taipei.

    And marvelling at why the people living in them seemingly just all up and left one day – even leaving things like furniture, TVs and video recorders behind is an even more unusual.

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