Travel to 4 spectacular valleys in Vietnam

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Travel to 4 spectacular valleys in Vietnam
Autumn is a good time for us to go along the S-shaped country and discover the interesting things. Let’s go to valleys, immerse in cool weather, blue sky with white cloud and vast green rice fields, you must be forgot all your tiredness and love your country more and more.

  • Muong Hoa Valley (Sapa Town, Lao Cai province)

    Muong Hoa Valley (Sapa Town, Lao Cai province)Muong Hoa Valley (Sapa Town, Lao Cai province)

    Muong Hoa is an ideal destination that attracts tourists to the mountainous area. Passing through a hill, tourists will be surprised by the charming nature here. This romantic valley is home to many ethnic groups, which please the tourists from many different regions.

    Along with romantic beauty, Muong Hoa valley is also attractive to tourists because of its mysterious ancient rock, interwoven between the grass and the fields of the ethnic minority. Figures, strange characters or pictures are carved on hundreds of stones, which have not still identified the origin and meaning. Today, the ancient carving area were ranked as a national monument, a unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese. There is also a stream, Suoi Hoa which is winding in the side of the terraced fields.

  • Muong Thanh Valley (Dien Bien province)

    Muong Thanh Valley (Dien Bien province)Muong Thanh Valley (Dien Bien province)

    Located in the centre of Dien Bien, Muong Thanh is considered as a “giant warehouse" which is filled with rice and corn. Muong Thanh is named from language of the Thai people called “Muong Theng”, Muong means land and village, then Theng means Heaven, so Muong Then is “land of Heaven”. As its name, Muong Thanh is a fertile, vast, beautiful and picturesque fields making the tourists love at first sight.

    Especially, in the rice season, Muong Thanh fields are as vital and beautiful as a picture with a green color spreading out of the horizon or yellow color of rice under the sunlight and aromatic smell of rice as well. That is why many tourists and photographers choose to come here at the end of September when the rice season is ripe.
    Moreover, Muong Thanh valley is a historical witness, it is the place where the battle of 56 days and nights of the Vietnamese with the French army. Coming to Muong Thanh valley, tourists will see tens of relics recorded victories of Vietnamese people more than 50 years ago.

  • Mai Chau Valley (Hoa Binh province)

    Mai Chau Valley (Hoa Binh province)Mai Chau Valley (Hoa Binh province)

    About 130 km from Hanoi, Mai Chau makes tourists confused by its beauty. Beside the majesty of the land and sky, the enthusiasm of the native, Thai people is enough to satisfy guests when visiting here.

    Mai Chau valley is mainly home of Thai ethnic group, formerly known as Muong Mun. The Thai villages are quite crowded, rich and preserve their traditional culture, especially the Thai stilt house. Standing from the hill, Mai Chau valley is appeared with the green rice or yellow rice fields. The streams flow through villages making its scene more poetic in the morning mist.

    In Mai Chau Valley, there are also many other interesting places such as Mo Luong Cave, Chieu Cave, Pieng Ke Mo Cave and other archaeological relics such as Lang Cave, Khau Phuc Cave. Tourists often rent bikes for going around as well as enjoying the fresh air and poetic scenes here.

  • Love Valley (Da Lat province)

    Love Valley (Da Lat province)Love Valley (Da Lat province)

    The Love Valley is one of the most romantic spots in Dalat, especially, for couples, about 6 km from the Northeast of the city center. Here, the Da Thien dam gathers small streams flowing from high mountains into a clear lake curving the valley shaded by green pines.

    Looking down from the top of the hill, Love Valley and Da Thien Lake are like a colorful picture. The lake is smooth with small, beautifully colored sails. You seem to lose in the paradise when coming here, the valleys with soft green grass along the red winding road.
    Love Valley is an ideal ecotourism destination, which has become familiar to visitors in Vietnam in particular and many foreign countries in general. Nowadays, you can enjoy many kinds of flowers and beauty of Dalat when dropping by here.

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