Travel to the most beautiful cities in Indonesia in 7 days

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Travel to the most beautiful cities in Indonesia in 7 days
As an archipelago country, Indonesia has also some charming cities for tourists. Its beautiful nature, cool atmosphere, delicious culinary delights and various tourist attractions offered are some of the reasons why many cities in Indonesia become the most beautiful and favorite cities for tourists.

In fact, when long weekends or holidays seasons, these cities are always the main destination for tourists to spend their vacation. Here are six of the most beautiful cities in Indonesia which have always been a major destination for tourists.
  • Bukittinggi


    Lying in Western Sumatra, Bukittinggi is set on the edge of a picturesque canyon, with several mountains dotting the horizon around it. A lively market town, there are some great historical sights to explore, such as the Jam Gadang clock and some fantastic restaurants and cafes for visitors to choose from. Most travelers stop by for its stunning natural setting and the amazing sights that lie beyond the city. With the lovely canyon to explore, some fascinating caves, and the beautiful Harau Valley to top it off, Bukittinggi is well worth a visit.

  • Jogja


    Thick palace atmosphere and the nuances of Java, Jogja is a tourist city that you must go to when visiting the island of Java. Presenting a variety of interesting travel options, you can start your vacation from the beach to the temple.

    As a city with charming cultural and historical sites, Yogyakarta offers culinary delights, street art, friendly locals and handicraft products. Its location which is close to Magelang also allows you to visit the iconic Borobudur Temple. Don’t forget, there are still the largest Hindu relics in the city that you should visit, the Prambanan Temple.

  • Bali


    Classic among cities to visit, Bali. When it comes to visiting mountains and green areas with large forests Bali is the place that caters to the need of every visitor; it coral reefs are the attractive and captivating places. Moreover, it is the most famous religious site. The name of the religious site is Uluwatu Temple. It is situated at the Cliffside. The people of the Bali area have ancient traditions and you will be entertained to watch them.

  • Medan


    This cities to visit in Indonesia lies near the northeast coast of Sumatra. There is a multitude of dishes for you to try from a vast array of food stalls and restaurants. With some lovely seeding architecture on the show and fine museums, Medan has lots of shopping malls, yet devoid of the chaos of other large Indonesian cities. Although it is delightful to explore, most de the visitors use it solely as a transport hub.

  • Bogor


    Located near Jakarta, Bogor is the easiest and most popular destination for residents of the capital city. There are various interesting activities you can do in this cool air tourist city. Starting from visiting the safari park, walking in the botanical garden to culinary exploration.

    In Bogor, you can also enjoy new experiences that are close to nature, such as picking berries, visiting tea gardens and do paragliding sport activities.

  • Jakarta


    The capital of Indonesia this teeming megalopolis is a dynamic place full of life, it is the top city in Indonesia which must be visited. Although its streets can feel maniac and chaotic at times, and almost thirty-million residents are a welcoming and friendly bunch. The city is constantly changing, as high-rises and tower blocks spring up through the delightful Chinatown and colonial buildings of the old town help show another side to Jakarta.

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