Useful apps to download when you are in Dubai

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Useful apps to download when you are in Dubai
From booking your hotels, getting a ride and finding out what’s going on — you can do all of that from your smart phones. This applies to Dubai, too. These local and international apps are here to make the lives of residents and visitors a lot simpler.

  • The Dubai Mall

    The Dubai MallThe Dubai Mall

    As the Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world, with 1,200 retail outlets, it’s not surprising that this venue needs its own GPS. The Dubai Mall app is free and helps people explore all that the mall has to offer, catering to each individual’s taste and interests. In the app, people can choose if they want notifications about attractions, fashion, food or lifestyle, and can also put in their gender, allowing the smart software to provide information tailor made for them. The Dubai Mall app also provides a directory and directions for the mall, making itself immensely helpful to visitors.

  • Dubai Metro2

    Dubai Metro2Dubai Metro2

    For those who prefer getting around via public transport, the Dubai Metro2 app is the ideal way to stay informed and on time for the next train. This app provides information on times, stations, and more. The Dubai Metro2 app is not only useful but also very informative, as it gives users a brief history of the Dubai Metro, as well as a list of fines that users could be at risk of when using public transport. As fines vary from $28 to $545, it’s crucial to be well informed!

  • Talabat


    All foodies visiting Dubai need to download Talabat. This food delivery app can be found in several countries in the Middle East, and it’s a way for tourists to support a local business even when ordering their food. The app offers hundreds of restaurant, cafe and fast food choices to order from, and operates 24/7, allowing you to fulfill your late night cravings. The Talabat app also provides offers and coupons when ordering from several food outlets.

  • Zomato


    Another great food delivery app in the UAE, as well as in 23 other countries, is Zomato. Although the selection of restaurants on the Zomato app might not be as large as that on Talabat, it offers an additional service that it crucial for tourists: Zomato provides restaurant reviews. The Zomato app covers almost every single restaurant in Dubai, no matter how small, allowing users to check out the menu, look at pictures and see reviews. This is a must-download app!

  • Dubai Calendar

    Dubai CalendarDubai Calendar

    For the latest updates on events around the city, Dubai Calendar is everyone’s best friend. This app is the best way to keep up with everything that is going on in the city, including concerts, sporting events and cultural happenings. The Dubai Calendar app provides users with recommendations, and separates events into categories, allowing people to filter events by interest. Another practical feature of Dubai Calendar is that people can buy tickets straight from the app, aggregating everything one needs to be informed and attend events into one place.

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