Vietnam cuisine: the best dishes made from sticky rice

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Vietnam cuisine: the best dishes made from sticky rice
Vietnam is an agricultural country with the major crop is water rice. There are many varieties of rice, and sticky glutinous rice is a specialty of Vietnam.

With glutinous rice, people can make a lot of different delicacies. Among them, sticky rice (or “xôi” in Vietnamese) is an indispensable dish of Vietnamese people. In the full moon days, Tet holidays, weddings, death anniversaries, sticky rice is a “must-have” dish for a perfect feast flatter.
  • Xoi Gac

    Xoi GacXoi Gac

    Gac fruit sticky rice is one of delicious, nutritious, and is very popular Vietnamese sticky rice dishes as an important worshiped dish in holidays, Tet, death anniversaries, or it can be accompanied by a suckling pig on a platter for the engagement ceremony.

    Xoi Gac is one of the most popular sticky rice dishes in Vietnam. Gac fruit sticky rice is made from glutinous rice and gac fruit for creating bright red color and delicious flavor for this special and meaningful Vietnamese traditional dish.

  • Sweet soup

    Sweet soupSweet soup

    Vietnamese people love to eat sweet things so that they have been created hundreds of desserts, including amazing sweet soup recipes. There are not less than 10 traditional sweet soups from whole sticky rice in Vietnam.

    These kinds of sweet soups are usually served hot or cold with creamy, sweet and a little salty sauce from coconut milk. Sweet soup with sticky rice and black-eyed peas plays an important part in Vietnamese culture, it is served at Worm-killing festival, on first birthday party and many important events.

  • Peanut Sticky Rice

    Peanut Sticky RicePeanut Sticky Rice

    Peanuts are simmered with sweet sticky rice and coconut milk in this Vietnamese recipe, which is traditionally served for breakfast. Garnish it with shredded coconut, crushed peanuts, and sesame seeds to your taste.

  • Xoi La Dua

    Xoi La DuaXoi La Dua

    Pandan (pineapple leaves) will be cut into smaller pieces and washed. Then, smash them and juice them to take the pandan juice, then mix the juice with sticky glutinous rice before steaming the mixture. You will get is a beautiful green sticky rice pot with attractive fragrance.

  • Xoi Ga

    Xoi Ga Xoi Ga

    Chicken sticky rice is made from sticky glutinous rice, coconut milk, and pineapple leaves (or pandon). The steamed sticky glutinous rice will be served with teared boiled chicken or roasted chicken, with sliced Chinese sausage served as a side dish.

  • Xoi Khuc

    Xoi KhucXoi Khuc

    Xoi Khuc is made from crushed gnaphalium affine mixed with sticky glutinous rice powder, rolled with cooked milled green bean and diced fat meat, then rolled over sticky glutinous rice and put into the autoclave. Each part is covered by a layer of sticky rice, stuffed with green bean, fat meat, and fried onion which tastes very delicious. This is actually one of the best sticky rice dishes in Vietnam.

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