Visit 7 local markets in Shanghai, China

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Visit 7 local markets in Shanghai, China
Shanghai is a shopping paradise in China. Although malls and shopping centers are becoming more popular, the majority of Shanghai residents still shop in markets.

Markets make life easier for the shoppers. If you are wondering where to shop in the markets in Shanghai during your short trip, here is a list of some popular markets and shopping streets for your quick reference.
  • Jing’an Temple Jewellery Market

    Jing’an Temple Jewellery MarketJing’an Temple Jewellery Market

    Set beneath the illustrious golden Jing’an Temple in the heart of Puxi, this jewellery market caters to visitors wanting to take home a real slice of Chinese culture. Jade statues, traditional jewels and vintage antiques all sit prettily on display.

    The market is a mix of permanent stores blasting air conditioning and market stalls that pack up when the sun goes down. The stalls sell more affordable trinkets such as purses and fans, while the stores stock the more expensive jade products. This balance ensures there is something for everyone to take home.

  • Flower, Bird, Fish, and Insect Market

    Flower, Bird, Fish, and Insect MarketFlower, Bird, Fish, and Insect Market

    Unless you are in the market for fighting crickets or grubs to feed your birdies, this is more of a gawk-stop than a real shopping trip. It is worth the trip for the weird and unusual and you will get some great photos. You will find some vendors selling pets and supplies. The bugs are the main attraction.

  • South Bund Fabric Market

    South Bund Fabric Market South Bund Fabric Market

    South Bund Fabric Market, which is originally known as the Dongjiadu Fabric Market, is a three-story building full of fabric shops and tailors. Walking into the South Bund Fabric Market, you may find yourself lost in a maze of hundreds of fabric stalls.

    Its great values are Qipao, cashmere coats and men’s shirts. Most of the cloths is cheap here. Many shops have their own in-house tailors who can stitch you a suit, or anything else you want.

  • Qipu Road Clothing Market

    Qipu Road Clothing MarketQipu Road Clothing Market

    Qipu Road boasts the city’s largest selection of wholesale high-street fashion brands. This century-old market offers a true old Shanghai experience, with a buzz and hustle that some may find overwhelming. Whatever apparel you are looking for, this place is guaranteed to have it. This market has especially good deals on the latest fashion trends, so you can look good for much, much less.

  • Tianshan Tea Market

    Tianshan Tea MarketTianshan Tea Market

    If you want to get all your tea shopping done in one place, this is the place. It is a 3-story market full of Chinese tea. If you can, take along a Chinese speaker. Shop owners are extremely friendly. Don't be afraid to touch, smell, and ask for tastes.

    Most will invite you in to have a cup of tea, smell the wares and browse at will. The first two floors are all tea, the third floor is a mix of tea and curios. You will find everything from Long Jing green tea, Yunnan Province Pu'er tea, jasmine, and oolong, everything is here.

  • Dongtai Lu Antique Market

    Dongtai Lu Antique MarketDongtai Lu Antique Market

    Several charming streets full of stalls selling old coins, books, Charman Mao figurines, classic propaganda posters and other assorted curiosities. Whilst many of the items found at the market are replicas, experienced antique shoppers will be able to find genuine items. Some claim to have uncovered extremely valuable items at basement prices. The area is due to be demolished within the next year however - get there whilst you still have the opportunity.

  • Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market

    Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift MarketYatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market

    What happened to Xiang Yang market? After that famous "fake" market closed its gates in 2006, many vendors relocated to Yatai Xinyang. This is a great place to buy inexpensive souvenirs, Shanghai t-shirts, chopsticks, toys, jewelry, cushion covers, and pashminas. Let the buyer beware, when it comes to fakes, you get what you pay for.

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