Visit the best 7 old towns in Asia

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Visit the best 7 old towns in Asia
The old towns usually have unique beauties and stunning architectures, various culture and special cuisines. Here are the 7 Old towns that are famous in Asia.

  • 1. Malacca, Malaysia

    1. Malacca, Malaysia1. Malacca, Malaysia

    Malacca is the capital city of the Malaysian state of Malacca. Malacca (or Melaka in Malay) is a sleepy old city with a quaint colonial town center and is a great place to spend a few days on a trip to Malaysia. Malacca can easily be overlooked as a place to stop in Southeast Asia. Travelers will find some of the best food in Malaysia, unique cafes, timeworn architecture and well preserved historical sites in Malacca. Don’t miss it on your next trip to Malaysia.

  • 2. Takayama, Japan

    2. Takayama, Japan2. Takayama, Japan

    Takayama's old town has been beautifully preserved with many buildings and whole streets of houses dating from the Edo Period when the city thrived as a wealthy town of merchants. Several homes in the old town open their doors to the public. They provide a glimpse behind the facade into the former living quarters of the local merchants and exhibit traditional household goods and local arts and crafts.

  • 3. Hoi An, Vietnam

    3. Hoi An, Vietnam3. Hoi An, Vietnam

    Graceful and historic Hoi An is Vietnam’s most atmospheric and delightful town. Once a major port, it boasts the grand architecture and beguiling riverside setting that befits its heritage, and the 21st-century curses of traffic and pollution are almost entirely absent.

  • 4. Vigan, Philippines

    4. Vigan, Philippines4. Vigan, Philippines

    With many villas for thousands of years, Vigan is truly a witness of what used to be a royal city. With a Spanish-inspired architecture, it makes the old town of Vigan more unique. There are more than 200 ancient works are preserved in Vigan. It is where the Ilocos region’s rich culture and history are crafted in ornate architecture, furniture, and detailed ornaments. For this reason, Vigan Heritage Village was considered a UNESCO Heritage Site to preserve the cultural past of the Ilocandia region.

  • 5. Bukcheon, Korea

    5. Bukcheon, Korea5. Bukcheon, Korea

    Surrounded by Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and Jongmyo Shrine, Bukchon Hanok Village is home to hundreds of traditional houses, called hanok, that date back to the Joseon Dynasty. The name Bukchon, which literally translates to "northern village," came about as the neighborhood lies north of two significant Seoul landmarks, Cheonggyecheon Stream and Jongno. Today, many of these hanoks operate as cultural centers, guesthouses, restaurants, and tea houses, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience, learn and immerse themselves in traditional Korean culture.

  • 6. Tunxi, China

     6. Tunxi, China 6. Tunxi, China

    Tunxi Ancient Street is situated in the center of Tunxi District, the location of Huangshan City Government. Shops standing on both sides are generally of two or three floors, which feature the local Anhui style of stone base, brick construction, and tile roof. The layout of these buildings commonly takes on the appearance of shops in front while houses and workshops are to the rear. Once a professor from America was amazed by it and he said he had found an Oriental Ancient Rome. Nowadays Tunxi Ancient Street is also used as a natural studio for films and TV series.

  • 7. Luang Prabang, Laos

    7. Luang Prabang, Laos7. Luang Prabang, Laos

    Walk the streets with picturesque traditional houses, colonial-style villas, and Lao Buddhist temples at Old Quarter Luang Prabang, part of a bustling UNESCO-protected city area packed with history and culture. A night market, many shops, and restaurants set in pleasant two-story houses on clean, quiet streets give a totally different feel from the madness of other large Asian cities. Check out many temples with practicing monks praying or burning incense, or mingle with locals during their coffee breaks in the street. The nearby Mekong River surrounding this peninsula quarter, as well as abundant frangipani trees, add to the overall charm of the place. For travelers who use our online itinerary creator, Luang Prabang holidays become easier to arrange, with trips to the Old Quarter.

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