Warm up yourself with hot dishes in this winter

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Warm up yourself with hot dishes in this winter
As the temperature gradually drops, how are you going to stay warm during the cold months besides eating soup and drinking hot tea? Here are some hot dishes that will treat you in this winter.

  • Hotpot (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan)

    Hotpot (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan)Hotpot (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan)

    Hotpot could easily fulfill your craving and chill off. This special dish is a simmering hot pot of broth and various raw and fresh ingredients to be cooked at the table with an assortment of dipping sauces. Common ingredients include thin-sliced meat, seafood, soy food products, vegetables, dumplings, and noodles. The broth base is the secret to how the food is flavored. With different dipping sauces, hotpot can be a diverse dish with a variety of different flavors.

  • Pho (Vietnam)

    Pho (Vietnam)Pho (Vietnam)

    Pho is a noodle soup that is classically made from rice noodles, fresh herbs, vegetables (cilantro, lime, bean sprouts and chilies) and raw beef that cooks itself in a steaming bone broth.

  • Snake soup (Hong Kong)

    Snake soup (Hong Kong)Snake soup (Hong Kong)

    In Hong Kong, the cold-blooded snake is a favorite ingredient for warming up. Traditionally served from family-run stalls, snake soup purportedly speeds up blood circulation and banishes winter aches. The reptile meat is sweetened with chrysanthemum and herbs, is chopped into a very un-snake-like appearance for serving - and said to taste like chicken.

  • Miso Chicken Ramen (Japan)

    Miso Chicken Ramen (Japan)Miso Chicken Ramen (Japan)

    Miso, ginger, and miles of chewy noodles make this Japanese soup a cool-weather dish. Ginger is known an ingredient that makes body warmer. Add some tender chicken breast and you have a hearty meal for the cool weather.

  • Porridge


    A dish can be served with a lot of different topping and fillings, the most famous is the seafood variety, which comes with a bunch of different seafood. It is perfect for winter as it will warm you up.

  • Ginseng chicken soup (Korea)

    Ginseng chicken soup (Korea) Ginseng chicken soup (Korea)

    Korea ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) made using only 4-year-old ginseng cultivated in Geumsan (a town famous for its ginseng) and chickens raised on local farms. Young chickens (no more than 49 days old) are butchered and delivered fresh daily, making for only the tenderest meat. The chicken is boiled with high-quality ginseng, dates, garlic, glutinous rice, and various medicinal herbs to make a flavorful and energizing soup.

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