Ways to admire Asia from above the sky

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Ways to admire Asia from above the sky
Travelling through Asia on the grounds is not enough to fully comprehend this continent’s beauty. Consequently, the services to enjoy Asia destinations with the bird’s-eye view are born to meet the demands.

  • The Great Wall via Helicopter

    The Great Wall via HelicopterThe Great Wall via Helicopter

    The Great Wall is long and extremely hard to appreciate its entire length just by walking on the ground. Therefore, the helicopter service was born. Tourists can book a helicopter tour and admire breathtaking sight of the Walls - one of the most majestic destination on earth - up and above the sky.

  • Angkor Wat through Micro-light

    Angkor Wat through Micro-lightAngkor Wat through Micro-light

    Angkor Wat is known as the largest religious monument on Earth. Walking through the temple grounds themselves is a must to really feel immersed in the history and reverence embedded in its stone. However, being able to see all the main temples can be quite time-consuming. Besides, to get a glimpse of the Tonle Sap lake and Siem Reap junglesfrom above, a micro-light flight is a thrilling option. Aside from the fantastic views, you get the rush of wind through your hair – a stark contrast to the humidity of ground level.

  • Hot Air Ballooning in Myanmar

    Hot Air Ballooning in MyanmarHot Air Ballooning in Myanmar

    Ballooning over Bagan, Myanmar at daybreak is an fascinating experience. A 45-minute ride over the tree-tops and glittering spires is a fantastic way to spend your time in Bagan. A similar trip can be done high over Inle Lake, the largest in Myanmar, taking in stilt houses, floating gardens and zipping longtail boats.

  • Ha Long Bay via Seaplane

    Ha Long Bay via SeaplaneHa Long Bay via Seaplane

    With limestone mountains scattered around on the water, Ha Long resembles a dragon sinking into the bay, hence its name "Ha Long" (literrally meaning "descending dragon"). You can take a sea-plane flight from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay, soaring over the traffic and catching the site from the above-the-sky angle.

  • Ziplining in Dong Hua Sao, Laos

    Ziplining in Dong Hua Sao, LaosZiplining in Dong Hua Sao, Laos

    In Laos, adventure lovers can skim through the jungles via zipline. If you like camping and wildlife-spotting, an eco-tour with ziplining is a great way to get a bird’s – or monkeys – eye view. Not only is a ziplining adventure low-impact on the environment, you’ll get to see gorgeous national parkland inaccessible by foot.

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