What Korean dishes you should try on New Year

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What Korean dishes you should try on New Year
Seollal is one of the most well-known Korean holidays, celebrating the start of the Lunar New Year. Families start preparing weeks in advance for this special holiday and travel all around the country to visit their relatives, to pay respect to their ancestors and feast!

Here are popular dishes the Korean eat during New Year.
  • Manduguk


    Manduguk is a tteokguk alternative in some parts of Korea. Though many families make a hybrid version of manduguk (aka tteok manduguk) by adding some rice cakes as well.

  • Ddeokguk, or ‘rice cake soup’

    Ddeokguk, or ‘rice cake soup’Ddeokguk, or ‘rice cake soup’

    Eating a bowl of rice cake soup on the Lunar New Year symbolizes good health, a long life, and becoming another year older. The older you are, the more bowls of ddeokguk you have eaten in your life, so don’t be surprised if someone asks you jokingly “how many bowls of ddeokguk have you eaten?” They just want to find out how old you are!

    Some families will make manduguk instead of ddeokguk. It is the same kind of soup, but instead of rice cakes, dumplings are used.

  • Jeon, or ‘pancakes’

    Jeon, or ‘pancakes’Jeon, or ‘pancakes’

    Jeon is a kind of salty pancake that contains a variety of vegetables. During the Seollal feast, buchujeon (garlic), kimchi jeon and saengseon jeon (fish) are the most popular.

  • Sikhye, or ‘sweet rice drink’

    Sikhye, or ‘sweet rice drink’Sikhye, or ‘sweet rice drink’

    Sikhye is a traditional sweet Korean drink that is often served as a dessert. It is made by pouring malt onto cooked rice. The liquid is then carefully removed, leaving only rougher parts. These parts are then boiled until the drink is sweet enough. Sikhye is usually consumed at the end of the meal, as it is believed to help with digestion.

  • Yaksik


    Yaksik means medicinal food. One of the key ingredients used is honey and honey was considered as a medicine in the old days in Korea.

    Yaksik is moderately sweet and has a sticky texture. Nonetheless, it is a popular Korean dessert often served during festive occasions (e.g. new year’s day, weddings and 60th birthday).

  • Japchae, or ‘glass noodles’

    Japchae, or ‘glass noodles’Japchae, or ‘glass noodles’

    Korean glass noodles are enjoyed all year around as a side dish, or mixed with a main dish. It is one of Korea’s most iconic and well-known foods, and you will rarely see a Seolnal fest table without it.

  • Galbi jjim

    Galbi jjimGalbi jjim

    Galbi jjim is supremely tender and delicious Korean braised short ribs. It is coated with sticky, salty, sweet, and nutty sauce. It is hugely addictive.

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