What to do in Khao San Road, Bangkok

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What to do in Khao San Road, Bangkok
Bangkok is a shopping and partying paradise, home to numerous beautiful temples and the window to the Thai world, the Grand Palace. Apart from these, the one distinctive place that offers almost everything in a kilometre stretch is the well known Khao San Road.

  • Shopping

    Shopping Shopping

    From swimming suits to beautifully embroidered Thai tops, there is so much to shop in Khao San that one can’t just get enough. It is highly recommended to put on your bargaining shoes and a big shopping bag before you start shopping.

  • Street Food

    Street FoodStreet Food

    From Corner Pad Thai to freshly made spring rolls, the eateries on Khao San Road are delicious and extremely affordable. The street food on Khao San Road is as good and hygienic as its eateries. A complete delight for a foodie.

  • Bar & Club

    Bar & ClubBar & Club

    Alcohol is the one thing that is as abundant as water in Thailand. Some interesting varieties of cocktails at enviable prices are available at the various bars. You can also pick one from the top five bars in Khao San Road.

  • Scorpions, grasshoppers and more

    Scorpions, grasshoppers and moreScorpions, grasshoppers and more

    Now that’s the weirdest and yet one of the most adventurous thing to do on Khao San Road. Taste the scorpions, grasshoppers and every other different kind of insects and make sure that you get a video of it to share it back home as well.

  • Thai Massage

    Thai MassageThai Massage

    The extremely relaxing Thai massage parlors are also present on Khao San Road. Costing anywhere between 150-600 Baht depending on the time, one can get a super relaxing massage and rejuvenate, beat the jet lag and get set for the all night party in the city.

  • Silver and Junk jewellery

    Silver and Junk jewellery Silver and Junk jewellery

    Khao San Road also happens to be home to some wholesale junk and silver jewellery at great prices. So all those who are into jewellery should definitely go for some jewellery shopping. It’ll be a great idea to shop in a group as one can ask for group discounts.

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