What to do in Krabi, Thailand

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What to do in Krabi, Thailand
Thailand’s southern province of Krabi caters to diverse tastes, with fabulous beaches, exciting rock climbing, and cultural hotspots. Here are some of Krabi’s best attractions to add to your travel plans.

  • Wat Kaew Korawaram

    Wat Kaew KorawaramWat Kaew Korawaram

    Located atop a hill in the heart of Krabi Town, Wat Kaew Korawaram provides awesome views of the surroundings. Two ferocious-looking naga statues flank the staircase, their golden tails snaking all the way up the steps. Climb to the large terrace and you’ll find a temple that looks slightly different to many of Thailand’s other Buddhist temples – the roof is blue and the walls are white. There are many interesting religious statues here, and the temple’s walls feature eye-catching paintings that tell the story of the Lord Buddha’s life. As with many religious attractions in Thailand, food stalls and vendors selling offerings and amulets can be found outside.

  • Railay Beach

    Railay BeachRailay Beach

    A rock climber’s paradise, the white sandy shore of Railay Beach is sandwiched between the sparkling waters of the sea and dramatic, craggy mountains. Verdant growth covers the gleaming limestone cliffs, and monkeys frolic among the branches. Many people visit the peninsula, which is only accessible by boat, for adventurous rock climbing, though you’ll also feel right at home basking on the beautiful beach and swimming in the clear waters. The area also offers short jungle hikes, kayaking, and boat trips.

  • Ao Nang Beach

    Ao Nang BeachAo Nang Beach

    One of the liveliest beaches in mainland Krabi, Ao Nang Beach is a popular tourist area. Attracting backpackers, couples, families, and travelers of all ages, it’s a great area for enjoying the beach, market, and nightlife. Indeed, Ao Nang boasts some of Krabi’s best bars and clubs. The diverse restaurants cater to most tastes, with Thai cuisine and international dishes available, and there are plentiful tour companies to make exploring Krabi a breeze. Charter a longtail boat and set sail for nearby islands like Koh Hong, Koh Poda, and Koh Gai. Accommodation is varied, with something to suit most budgets.

  • Maya Bay

    Maya BayMaya Bay

    Made famous in the cult Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Beach, Maya Bay is one of Krabi’s major tourist draws. The picturesque curved bay is almost enclosed by greenery-covered rocks and karsts, with clear waters meeting soft white sands. The jungle background adds to the enchantment and long-tail boats often bob along the gentle waves. While you certainly won’t be alone on the beach, it’s still easy to appreciate the natural splendor. Remember to do your part for the environment and take away all your litter. Part of the uninhabited Koh Phi Phi Leh, Maya Bay is typically visited on day trips from Koh Phi Phi Don, mainland Krabi, Koh Lanta, or Phuket.

  • Susan Hoi

    Susan HoiSusan Hoi

    Susan Hoi, also known as the Shell Cemetery and Fossil Shell Beach, is an unusual geological site in Krabi. With just a couple of other similar sites on the planet, it really is a unique local attraction. Fossils of shellfish stretch for some 200 metres, the immortalised remains clearly visible in the shale rock. The site is thought to be between 25 and 40-million-years-old. An information center contains exhibitions related to the ghostly coastal area and there’s a nearby Chinese temple and mangroves that are worth visiting at the same time.

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