What to do in Miri, Malaysia

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What to do in Miri, Malaysia
Miri is located in northern Sarawak along the South China Sea and it is also Malaysia’s booming oil town. This town-cum-city offers beaches, urban parks, handicraft centres, and acts as a gateway to four nearby national parks. Here are the recommended things to do in Miri.

  • The Grand Old Lady

    The Grand Old LadyThe Grand Old Lady

    The Grand Old Lady on Canada Hill marks the spot where Shell first drilled oil in Miri back in 1910. Standing at 30 meters (98 feet), the monument is a replica of Malaysia’s first oil well. The landmark offers a window into the importance of the industry which revolutionized Malaysia.

    While the monument itself is not much to look at, travelers usually combine the experience with hiking Canada Hill. Snap photographs and consider how the oil in this spot fueled the nation’s development and paid for Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers.

  • Miri City Fan

    Miri City FanMiri City Fan

    This is a landscaped park with a musical fountain, Islamic Garden, health Garden, Chinese Garden and more, surrounded by facilities such as a public swimming pool, library and civic centre. An attractive open, landscaped park with Chinese and Malay-style gardens and ponds that is a popular spot for walking and jogging. The complex also comprises a library, an indoor stadium and an Olympic-size public swimming pool (RM2).

  • Spectacular views from Canada Hill

    Spectacular views from Canada HillSpectacular views from Canada Hill

    Canada Hill, or Bukit Telaga Minyak in Bahasa Malaysia, is a limestone hill a short drive inland from Miri. In 1910, it became the site of Malaysia’s first oil drill, giving birth to the long and lucrative industry driving the country’s economy today. One of the more popular things to do in Miri is to come here for sunrise or sunset. Enjoy the panoramic views of Miri and the South China Sea!

  • Handicraft Heritage Centre

    Handicraft Heritage CentreHandicraft Heritage Centre

    This building on the corner of Jalan Merbau and Jalan Brooke contains a number of shops selling local handicraft products. Borneo, in my opinion, has the best handicrafts in Malaysia and this is a good place to buy them. Unlike many other parts of Malaysia, where souvenir items are imported from China, most of the items sold here are made locally or are from nearby Kalimantan.

  • Brighton Beach

    Brighton BeachBrighton Beach

    Brighton Beach, known locally as Tanjung Lobang, sits a few kilometres to the south of the city. Holding the title as the first public beach and oldest recreation park in Miri, it also hosts one of Sarawak’s best sunsets. Two piers extend out into the South China Sea creating an ideal backdrop against the oranges, yellows, pinks and purples on a cloudless day. Miri’s Seahorse Lighthouse is a short walk from the piers as well as plenty of choices for beachside dining.

  • Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple

    Tua Pek Kong Chinese TempleTua Pek Kong Chinese Temple

    This hundred year old temple dates back to Miri’s earliest days and is dedicated to a deity who is credited with curing an epidemic which was ravaging the town in those days. It was one of the few buildings to survive the Allied bombing of the town in WWII. Miri’s main fish market is located next door.

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