What to do in Penh Chau island, Hong Kong

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What to do in Penh Chau island, Hong Kong
Peng Chau (or Peng Chou) is one of the many outlying islands in Hong Kong. However, unlike some of the other bigger islands, it often gets neglected or talked about much. Which is precisely why it makes for a quiet and relaxing day trip away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. That is why you can really enjoy your day trip to Peng Chau.

  • Leather Factory

    Leather FactoryLeather Factory

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    Walk down Wing On Street and keep your eye out for a colourfully graffitied doorway bearing the words ‘Leather Factory’. This doorway leads to a former, you guessed it, leather factory and a Grade III cultural monument site that has been revitalised and turned into an artsy junkyard with sculptures and decorations that change every month.

    Inside the rooms on the left side of the alley sit rare photos of the factory in its golden days as well as an antique shop where you can find various old knickknacks. For anyone wanting to spend the night on Peng Chau, the Leather Factory also doubles up as an Airbnb spot.

  • Finger Hill

    Finger HillFinger Hill

    The best place to get a bird’s eye view of the entire Peng Chau Island is from Finger Hill. To get there, you need to start from The Family Trail, which is located near the ferry pier. Finger Hill is just uphill from The Family Trail and you will find your way easily. The best time to go is near sunset, when you will get to see the magnificent views of the surrounding area.

    From this point, you can also see the Hong Kong Disneyland, Tung Wan as well as Tsing Ma Bridge. Everything is just spectacular and you need to bring your camera along.

  • Peng Chau Heritage Trail

    Peng Chau Heritage TrailPeng Chau Heritage Trail

    The Peng Chau Heritage Trail is an enjoyable ramble past some of the island’s modest historical sights, particularly worthwhile are the whitewashed walls of the former Peng Chau community school and also a traditional ancestral hall as seen in several Hong Kong walled villages.

    With less history but perhaps more interest is the Great China Match Factory. As surprising as it may seem now, this 1930s factory was once the biggest matchmaker in Asia and employed more than 1000 local employees. Alas, the advent of the cigarette lighter spelled doom for Peng Chau’s matchmaking days.

  • Tin Hau Temple

    Tin Hau TempleTin Hau Temple

    This temple is very common in Hong Kong. There are many Tin Hau temples around Hong Kong, so it is not a surprise to see one here. The temple is meant to honor the Goddess of Sea, also known as Tin Hau. The locals, especially fishermen, believe that Tin Hau is their protector.

    During the Tin Hau Festival, the locals will celebrate by visiting the temple, take part in parades as well as Cantonese opera performances. If you happen to be here at that time, you will get to see the how the locals celebrate the festival.

  • Peng Yu Path

    Peng Yu PathPeng Yu Path

    For an easy yet picturesque walk, head left when you get off the ferry and stroll along the waterfront until you reach the bridge that connects Peng Chau to Tai Lei Island, where you can regularly find a scattering of people patiently fishing or walking their dogs. Turn a little to the right until you reach Peng Yu Path.

    This scenic trail will take you along a concrete path with sprawling ocean views and serene beaches. While Peng Chau may not be the best swimming destination, the sandy beaches along this route offer dreamy views of Hong Kong Disneyland across the water. The track is usually relatively quiet, and the beaches are also great.

  • HoHo Kitchen

    HoHo KitchenHoHo Kitchen

    Tucked away in the narrow side streets of Peng Chau is HoHo Kitchen, a friendly restaurant with all the English you need to get by. HoHo Kitchen offers a good variety of Chinese and Asian cuisine, but one that is an absolute must-try for all is their signature dish, a crispy pineapple bun filled with either vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

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