What to eat in Lebuh Chulia, Penang

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What to eat in Lebuh Chulia, Penang
Lebuh Chulia is the first stop for backpackers visiting Penang with full of hostels, cafés, bookstores, travel agencies, and convenience stores. If you are in this touristry street of Penang, don't forget to try these local dishes.

  • Wan tan mee

    Wan tan meeWan tan mee

    These are opaque, thin egg noodles drowned in soup stock and garnished with wan tan (dumplings) and cha siu (barbecued pork). The soup is optional; you can have this dry, too.

  • Curry noodles

    Curry noodlesCurry noodles

    These are egg noodles soaked in curry, coconut milk, and morsels of blood jelly, cuttlefish, cockles, and fried tofu (tau pok).

  • Kway teow soup

    Kway teow soupKway teow soup

    A Penang classic, this noodle soup puts together clear pork stock, noodles, and an array of garnishes - mincemeat, fish balls, toasted garlic, and slices of meat.

  • Hainanese satay

    Hainanese satayHainanese satay

    Unlike the satay you'll find in the rest of Malaysia and Indonesia, Hainanese satay uses pork as well as chicken meat; pieces are skewered on a bamboo stick and grilled over charcoal till done. Your cooked satay should be dunked in a sweet bowl of peanut sauce.

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