What to eat when traveling to Penang, Malaysia

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What to eat when traveling to Penang, Malaysia
Sweet and spicy smells waft through the streets of Georgetown as noodle carts steam into the night. Famous the world over, the food in Penang is as diverse as the cultures that make it so unique. No other place on Earth can boast the cultural melting pot that makes Penang food so unique.

  • Assam Laksa

    Assam LaksaAssam Laksa

    Assam Laksa is an extremely famous Penang dish. In fact, it might be the best well known; it’s certainly one that most locals will recommend. It’s a spicy noodle soup with tastebud-tickling sour undertones. So, the traditional dish is kind of a thick broth whereas the Penang version is thinner. It’s poached mackerel that stews in the broth with tamarind, lemongrass, chilies and shrimp paste. This is topped with a big dollop of rice vermicelli. It’s been ranked 7th of the best 100 foods in the world so it’s definitely unmissable.

  • Mee Goreng

    Mee GorengMee Goreng

    Are you a fan of noodles? If you are, this is one of the juiciest noodly treats in Malaysia. It’s actually quite common in Indonesia and Singapore too, but it’s definitely a must-try while you’re skulking around Penang with a grumbling tummy. It’s made of thin yellow noodles that are all fried up together with garlic, onions, and shallots, with some type of meat, usually prawns or chicken mixed in. It’s also got chili, egg, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, and pickles in the mix as well to give a variety of different textures and tastes to tickle those taste buds. It basically comes from Chinese chow mein and has evolved into its own Malay dish.

  • Char Koay Teow

    Char Koay TeowChar Koay Teow

    A familiar dish for Singaporeans. Char Koay Teow is a national favorite in Malaysia and Singapore. Of Course, Penang has their fair share of famous char koay teow stalls with their own signature taste. What people appreciated most from Penang-style Char Koay Teow is the flavor of ‘wok hei’, and the freshness of the ingredients. Also, going for the duck eggs option did give a richer taste to each mouthful of noodles.

  • Hokkien Mee

    Hokkien Mee Hokkien Mee

    This famous local dish is made up of two noodles in pork and prawn broth. Thinly sliced eggs, spinach, prawns, and bean sprouts make Hokkien mee very filling. Crispy-fried pieces of lard are sometimes added for flavor.

  • Mee Rebus

    Mee Rebus Mee Rebus

    Mee rebus is an egg noodle soup made from sweet potatoes and flavored with lime. Shallots, prawns, boiled egg, and bean sprouts are usually included.

  • Lor Bak

    Lor BakLor Bak

    A variety of deep-fried seasoned strips of pork loin meat wrapped in beancurd skin dipped in bowl of starchy braised sauce - the penang version tends to be on the sweeter side. Other Lor bak ingredients like fishcake, egg, sausage, and tofu are also available in the mix. These meat rolls are similar to the Hokkien ngoh hiang using the unique aroma of “five-spice powder.” A whole plate of fried goodies may be overwhelming but it is still a pretty good choice for a mid-day snack or late night supper sharing dish.

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