Where to find peace in Hong Kong

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Where to find peace in Hong Kong
At first sight, Hong Kong may seem like just one big concrete jungle, but it does have its fair share of green and serene spots. Here are Hong Kong’s best peaceful pockets where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Nan Lian Garden

    Nan Lian GardenNan Lian Garden

    Nan Lian is a tranquil landscaped garden, a sanctuary for silence with bonsai trees, a lily pond and a golden pavilion with a sprawling mountain range as an equally picturesque backdrop. The Chi Lin Nunnery, a Buddhist retreat, is also located in the grounds for a relaxing bonus.

  • Cyberport


    People tend to think that Cyberport has little to offer, but if you’re looking for peace and quiet then it ticks all the boxes. Tucked away in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island, it benefits from not having a metro station nearby, and so it avoids getting overcrowded. Cyberport Waterfront Park offers one of the largest green areas open to the public and is generally quite peaceful during weekdays. Avoid coming on weekends, when it’s full of kids and family activities. The adjacent Cyberport Arcade offers Delaney’s restaurant, which has a nice outdoor terrace where you can sit and have a drink and a bite to eat when the weather isn’t too hot.

  • Tap Mun (Grass Island)

    Tap Mun (Grass Island)Tap Mun (Grass Island)

    It’s a bit of trek to get to Tap Mun, which is accessible only by a kaito (a small motorised ferry), but you’ll find few places in Hong Kong as verdant and serene as this charming island. Tap Mun is only inhabited by around 100 people and generally free of crowds. The island is home to a small fishing village, a Tin Hau temple, and a breathtaking landscape. In fact, you’re likely to bump into more grazing cows than people.

  • Tsz Shan Monastery

    Tsz Shan MonasteryTsz Shan Monastery

    This 500,000-sq.-ft. Chinese Buddhist monastery is located within the peaceful grounds of Tung Tsz in Tai Po. Visiting here certainly feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and you are struck by a sense of calmness inspired by the beautiful surroundings. It’s home to the second tallest bronze statue of the goddess Guanyin in the world, and its zen vibes and tranquillity are helped by the fact that visitors need to book to visit in advance, making it less crowded.

  • Kowloon Walled City Park

    Kowloon Walled City ParkKowloon Walled City Park

    This unassuming park in the centre of Kowloon City offers a tranquil escape in an area steeped in history. Originally a military fort and then a den of crime and iniquity until it was transformed into a beautiful public park in 1997. It is easy to spend hours here exploring the pathways, numerous gardens, architecture and remaining artefacts from the area’s colourful history.

  • Victoria Peak Garden

    Victoria Peak GardenVictoria Peak Garden

    This beautiful Chinese garden is just a short 15-minute walk from the Peak Tram stop. However, it’s often overlooked by the crowds of tourists, leaving it generally quite peaceful during the week. The lush gardens are well manicured and offer some stunning views over the city. You can always find a quiet spot here to enjoy the fresh air, stunning vistas and general sense of calm in what feels like another world.

  • Hong Kong Park

    Hong Kong ParkHong Kong Park

    This oasis of calm in the city centre offers a rare chance to enjoy a peaceful stroll amid the surrounding skyscrapers. The park features an aviary, with more than 80 species of birds in a well-designed tropical ‘rainforest’. At the centre of the park lies a waterfall and a lake that is home to a family of turtles. Generally, a great place to come for a spot of calm.

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