Why should you visit 42 Nguyen Hue street in Saigon one time?

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Why should you visit 42 Nguyen Hue street in Saigon one time?
Saigon’s new Walking Street offers many historic, modern, and culinary attractions. But, one place in particular has undergone such a metamorphosis since the opening of the pedestrian walkway, that it is now the coolest address on the entire street: the old apartment block at No.42 Nguyen Hue.

  • It is affordable

    It is affordableIt is affordable

    The shops here offer the trendiest clothes at one-third of the price tag in fashion retailers. There is no compromise in quality either, owners of these shops source for clothes from famous retailers in the US where there are no markups in price. They also curate the latest modes of fashions from manufacturers in Thailand to spice up the variety of affordable clothing.

  • It also has cozy atmosphere

    It also has cozy atmosphereIt also has cozy atmosphere

    Shoppers flock to the building not only for the cheap clothes but also for the highly aesthetic shopping environment. Shop owners here use Instagram as their main marketing platform, so they make sure their shop is picture-perfect. Each store in 42 Nguyen Hue Street has strong concept, tasteful designs and knowledgeable salespeople who know what is best for you.

  • It is a paradise for café-hoppers

    It is a paradise for café-hoppersIt is a paradise for café-hoppers

    The apartment building is a one-stop-shop for café-hopping addicts. Opened by popular artists and designers in Saigon, the cafes are great destinations for art lovers too. From minimalism to impressionism, you can easily find your aesthetics here, and experience it with others. Many cafes in the building also offer a scenic view of the city, which is impossible in stand-alone cafes that are located on ground level.

  • There are some beauty spas here

    There are some beauty spas hereThere are some beauty spas here

    Besides clothes, coffee and accessories, beauty bars are on the rise at 42 Nguyen Hue. Tired of shopping and beauty care? You are also welcome to try making your own phone cases or decorative garments at DIY shops in the building.

    So, are you ready for a tour around the most famous apartment building in Saigon? Be sure to set aside a whole day, because the wide array of shops waiting for you will keep you occupied. Just bring a full wallet and your trusty camera.

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