Y Ty, the missing paradise in Lao Cai, Vietnam

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Y Ty, the missing paradise in Lao Cai, Vietnam
Located in Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, Y Ty becomes an ideal attraction for local and international visitors due to its zig-zag slopes and beautiful landscapes.

This is also an exciting challenge for the travelers who want to experience and explore the natural beauty. Why don’t you choose Y Ty for your vacation in this summer?
  • Landmark 92, Lung Po Junction

    Landmark 92, Lung Po JunctionLandmark 92, Lung Po Junction

    To discover the beauty of Y Ty, you should not skip some attractions in Y Ty, and one of them is landmark 92. Situated in a junction, where the Nguyen Giang River meets the Lung Po River in Vietnam, this landmark is a must-see place to visit in Y Ty. This place contains the landmark 92, 92and 92 on the borders of Vietnam and China. Among them, the landmark of Vietnam is 92, two remaining landmarks are placed on the banks of the Chinese side.

  • Hong Ngai Village

    Hong Ngai VillageHong Ngai Village

    Hong Ngai village is also an ideal tourist destination to pick when visiting Y Ty. It is the most remote village in Y Ty about 20 km from the commune center. There are more than 50 households of H’Mong ethnic group in the village. Many visitors misunderstood that it is the Hong Ngai village in “A Phu Couple” by writer To Hoai. In fact, the Hong Ngai village mentioned by writer To Hoai is in Bac Yen district, Son La province. Even though this is the most remote village of Y Ty commune, Hong Ngai people have a stable life because they grow a lot of cardamoms, a valuable agricultural product.

  • Thien Sinh Bridge

    Thien Sinh Bridge Thien Sinh Bridge

    The Bridge is situated at the end of Lao Chai village, far from the center of Y Ty commune about 10 kilometers. The Bridge is just one meter of length, crossing Lung Po stream. The place is used to be a huge stone in ancient times. This also is the border between Vietnam and China.

  • Sim San Village

    Sim San VillageSim San Village

    Sim San is a famous village which is approximately 10 km from the center of Y Ty commune. It includes nearly 100 households. The main job of local people here is to grow rice and corn. With the terrain of over 2,000 m in height and low temperature, they just produce the crop once a year; thus, they have a lot of free time. Thanks to the typical soil conditions, the Dao people in Sim San village distil a very good wine type named Sim San wine. If you like wine, do not ignore this village to enjoy.

  • Phan Can Su village

    Phan Can Su villagePhan Can Su village

    The village is one of two highest villages in Y Ty, far from the center about 6 kilometers. From Phan Can Su, tourists can have the overviewing for beauty of Y Ty.

  • How to get to Y Ty

    How to get to Y TyHow to get to Y Ty

    From Hanoi city, you can catch a passenger bus or take a train to Lao Cai or Sapa. It takes you 8 hours to Lao Cai by train and 5 hours to that place by car.

    Although Y Ty is only 80 km from Lao Cai, it takes about 5-6 hours to this area without stopping along the road for sightseeing and taking the photos. The most popular means of transportation to Y Ty is motorbikes. Also, you can rent a motorbike in Sapa or Lao Cai.

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