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Come to the Bún Chả shop that Obama once visited in Hanoi
In April 2015, Bún Chả Hương Liên was just like any of the other noodle shops in Hanoi. A month later, after US President Barack Obama and late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain stepped inside, the restaurant would never be the same.

Signature noodle dishes you can only find in Hanoi
Besides Pho, Vietnamese cuisine has also many amazing noodle dishes. You may think most of them are quite similar, but this is a common misconception. Hanoi is a wonderful land for those who want to explore the quintessence of cuisine in Vietnam. Here are the noodle ...

A regional guide to Vietnamese cuisine
Vietnam is a foodie paradise, with restaurants and street vendors serving up fresh and locally sourced cuisine. With each area of Vietnam so distinct in its culture and climate, this list will guide you to the best local specialties in each part of the country.

The taste of Asia in 7 local dishes
Food is an intrinsic part of travel and an important aspect of digging deeper into the culture and exploring the landscape of each new destination. Travel around Asia with these 7 local dishes, each of which represents the region of their birth.