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Looking for the best music festivals in Asia? Here are the best festivals around the region to travel and enjoy them.
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Discover the most unique streets in Saigon
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) has everything any traveler expects for on a trip to a hustle and bustle city. The city is famous for French architectural works, the heart-broken War Remnants Museum, the historic Independence Palace and Cu Chi tunnels.
Things to know before visiting Japan
There’s a lot to learn about Japanese culture, and it’s impossible to know everything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best to prepare. Here are some of the most important things you should know before visiting Tokyo.
Tips to visit China during June
June is the start of summer in China. As a result, this will be the month where tourists flood to this large country for a vacation. Read our article to get a handful of information before visiting China in June.
Top must-visit temples in Vietnam
Temples are among Vietnam’s most popular attractions, where travelers can marvel at intricate carvings and well-preserved architecture as well as experience the local culture during their holiday. A predominantly Buddhist country, there are thousands of pagodas and shrines dedicated to the revered icon.
7 must-try foods in Hualien, Taiwan
Surely you’re familiar with the usual Taiwanese must-eats like stinky tofu and papaya milk, but in this article, we cover some unique local eats travellers to Hualien simply can’t miss out on.
Top must-try non-alcoholic drinks in Thailand
If you're having street food, you'll likely get to choose from water and soda, and if you're going for an alcoholic beverage, Thai beer can't be beaten. But if you want something without alcohol in it, here are some of the most popular drinks in Thailand.
6 best foods to try in Tianjin, China
A seaside town with an incredibly diverse history, Tianjin has produced some of your favorite Chinese foods. Make sure you sample at least some of these six tasty, traditional dishes on your next visit to Tianjin.
6 best curries to try in India
Curry is mixed from gravy and meat, vegetables or lentils. In India, a majority of what they eat comes in a curry form, but the word itself probably does not.
The weirdest festivals in Japan
When you think about Japan, you imagine tea houses, beautiful gardens, painted geishas and samurais. Japanese culture is not only mystical, but colorful and diverse. Their connection with the land, nature and with their gods is something you cannot really comprehend unless you have lived with them.
Celebrating Vesak in Vietnam
In April or May, Buddhists around the world will celebrate Vesak, the festival commemorating Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and death. In Vietnam, the holiday is known as Phật Đản and will widely be observed on May 19th.
3 must-see traditional summer events in Kyoto
In the ancient capital Kyoto, the traditional events and festivals have been passed down to people and held for over one thousand years. Every time you visit Kyoto, you will have a different impression because there are four seasons in Japan. Especially, summer is a wonderful time to visit Kyoto. The springtime crowds have departed and the green of trees is still fresh and beautiful.
7 Chinese traditional festivals you must see once
Being one of the biggest economies and a culturally diverse country, China celebrates a lot of traditional, and culture-based festivals that are nothing but a pure joy to be a part of. While the festivals play an integral role in Chinese culture, most of the festivals in China are based on the lunar calendar, and are fascinating indeed.