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Over the years, Asia has always been a destination chosen by many visitors all over the world. Not only famous for its stunning sceneries, Asia’s specific and tasty cuisine, unique culture and long-standing history have also attracted visitors to visit every year. We at Hiasia are here to share plenty of interesting travel experiences and provide best recommendations for you - Asian lovers.

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Top attractions in Otaru, Japan
Located in the northwest corner of Japan, Otaru is located on Hokkaido facing Ishikari Bay. The port city is about a 25-minute drive away from Sapporo and Otaru itself has become a popular tourist destination over recent years as there are ski resorts and beautiful onsens that are nearby.
What to do in Ha Giang, Vietnam
A border province and official Frontier Area, Ha Giang lies in the remote far northern region of the country. To visit this province is to journey back in time and encounter some of Vietnam’s most rugged and grand landscapes. Ha Giang is best experienced as a road trip on two wheels, soaking up the majesty of the landscape and the atmosphere of the remote towns and minority villages.
Cherry blossoms brighten Da Lat city
Have you ever dreamed about the romantic scenery of Japan, where you can walk back home on a street under pink flying cherry blossom petals? If yes, good news cause you don’t need to spend that much money on travelling. You can do that right in Da Lat, Vietnam.

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Must-see tourist attractions in Taipei
As the capital of Taiwan, Taipei is a huge tourist hub that is loved not only in Asia but also all around the world. This city is both traditionally and contemporarily captivating, which is why it attracts so many visitors.

Discover Buon Ma Thuot, the hidden gem in Central Highlands
Located in Dak Lak Province of the Central Highlands, Buon Ma Thuot is expected to have spectacular views and ethnic people. Coming to Buon Ma Thuot, tourists will not regret their times spent in this highland city.

Cultural destinations in Kathmandu, Nepal
As the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is one of the places people love stopping by the most in Nepal. The city is full of Buddhism spotlights and cultural destinations, which is perfect for people seeking for a pilgrimage trip.

Top 5 best hotels in Oman
If you are an expat in the Emirates, Oman is a quick weekend getaway from Dubai. For those coming from Europe, Oman is a safe and peaceful country in a region that is constantly in the news for the wrong reasons. The World Economic Forum ranks Oman as number 4 in the safest countries in the world for travel.
Top 5 floating markets in Asia
Floating markets are by far one of the main trademark attractions among Asian countries. The abundance of exotic goods sold directly from boats, the explosion of colors and the chatty locals always ready to tell a story are just some of the highlights of this truly amazing cultural experience.
7 tips to beat jet lag
Don’t we all know the feeling of a jet lag? In most cases, jet lags aren’t the most pleasant companions on our journeys, yet for those who love to travel the world, jet lags are part of the game. Nevertheless, there are tricks and tips to deal with them in a better way.
Top 6 best shopping paradises in Asia
If you love combining shopping with travel, then Asia will not disappoint you. Apart from being a hot travel destination, the retail magic is also quite strong in Asia.
What to do in Ha Giang, Vietnam
A border province and official Frontier Area, Ha Giang lies in the remote far northern region of the country. To visit this province is to journey back in time and encounter some of Vietnam’s most rugged and grand landscapes. Ha Giang is best experienced as a road trip on two wheels, soaking up the majesty of the landscape and the atmosphere of the remote towns and minority villages.
The most popular shopping malls in Saigon
Shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) are the best places to be (after its vibrant street markets) for a satisfying shopping experience during your holiday. Easily accessible on foot or cyclo, these shopping malls are also conveniently located near five-star hotels and popular landmarks. While cosmetics, apparel, accessories, and kitchenware are sold at fixed prices, you can find an array of international brands and renowned local designs within these shopping malls.
Catch the first snow in Sapa
As a famous tourist destination in Vietnam, Sapa attracts a large number of tourists all year round thanks to its cool weather and beautiful mountainous scenery. In particular, it is the only place to has snow in Vietnam in the winter. This characteristic interests a lot of people choosing Sapa to discover in their Vietnam tours.
Lost in the beautiful Ninh Chu beach
Considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, Ninh Chu beach is absolutely a wonderful and fascinating attraction to visit and enjoy the vacation in Ninh Thuan province. There are many interesting activities and delicious seafood in Ninh Chu beach that tourists can enjoy when visiting this place.
Experience the Trang underwater wedding ceremony in Thailand
With warm weather, tropical locations and a host of romantic settings to choose from, it’s no surprise that Thailand is a magnet for couples looking to get married. But there is one location in southern Thailand that has taken a novel approach to couples tying the knot. Instead of a beach wedding, couples dive below the waves to take their wedding vows in the Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony.
Tatami, traditional mat of Japan
When thinking about a traditional Japanese home, most people automatically think about Tatami, a type of straw mat that has used as flooring in traditional Japanese-style rooms for many centuries. These mats have been so common in Japanese houses that the size of rooms was measured by how many tatami mats fit inside – a custom that has survived to this day and age.
 Top 5 things you should never do in Maldives
The Republic of Maldives is a Muslim majority country, with the religion being introduced in the 12th century. Maldives is home to diverse landscapes and an extremely rich culture. Unrivalled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches and an amazing underwater world make Maldives an obvious choice for a true holiday of a lifetime. There are top 5 things NOT to do in Maldives that you should bear in mind to make sure you do not land in trouble while visiting this place.
Staying in Ryokan, a unique experience in Japan
Ryokan are Japanese style inns found throughout the country, especially in hot spring resorts. More than just a place to sleep, ryokan are an opportunity to experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality, incorporating elements such as tatami floors, futon beds, Japanese style baths and local cuisine, making them popular with both Japanese and foreign tourists alike.
Top Asian childhood drinks that are not boba
When you first think of Asian drinks, your mind automatically jumps to milk tea. But what many may not have realized is that there are tons of different drinks available right at your fingertips. All you have to do is visit your local Asian supermarket, or even hunt around your regular supermarket! You might be surprised. Here are some asian drinks that you should get your hands on.
Top 9 Asian daring delicacies
Every culture has its own rituals and customs, especially when it comes to cuisine. While some foods are considered delicacies in their native lands, they're pretty bizarre to outsiders. If you ever have any chance, be sure to try one of these dishes for the most culturally authentic experience possible.
What is the best Asian shaved ice dessert?
No matter where you are, a bowl of shaved ice as dessert is somewhat irresistible. So what’s the difference between all these shaved ice desserts that seem so popular across Asia? It seems many countries have their own version of it, but in principle, they all give satisfaction to our craving mouths.
Best late night eats in Singapore
Whether you’ve forgotten to eat dinner or are looking for something better than McDonald’s or hawker fare to soak up the evening’s excesses, here are some of the best places for late-night eats in Singapore.
The lucky foods to eat during Lunar New Year
One of the greatest joys of celebrating the new lunar year is the Lunar New Year feast on the eve of the holiday.
Welcome the new year in a fabulous way with the Aguman Sanduk festival
For more than 80 years, the town of Minalin in Pampanga, Philippines, has held a festive cross-dressing parade to welcome the New Year: the Aguman Sanduk, or the Fellowship of the Ladle. Let's explore this fabulous festival!
Observing the Thaipusam festival in Malaysia
Thaipusam is a key Hindu ceremony that is held every year in many countries. In Southeast Asia, the largest Thaipusam celebrations take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
All you need to know about Korean New Year
Known as Seollal, Korean New Year is the first day of the lunar Korean calendar. It is the most important of the traditional Korean holidays, consisting of a period of celebrations, starting on New Year’s Day. Read on to discover how Koreans celebrate Seollal.

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