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The best spots for nature lovers in UAE
When people think of the UAE, immediately a concrete jungle comes to mind, populated by skyscrapers and highways. However, if you can tear yourself away from the stunning skyline of Dubai for a minute, you will notice that there are natural wonders all around the city, ...

The spectacular adventure into Mongolia Gobi desert
The Gobi reveals itself in pockets of amazing scenery, bridged by vast stretches of desolation where smartphone signals die and silence saturates. Few experiences bring together offbeat adventure and epic road-tripping quite like bouncing through ...

Unforgettable outdoor experiences in Qatar
Common preconceptions lead many visitors to believe that a large proportion of their time in Qatar is likely to be spent inside air-conditioned buildings to escape the powerful heat of the sun. However, it might surprise you to discover that there is actually a ...

Top activities to do in Dubai's deserts
Visiting Dubai, you would expect to see the record-breaking architecture and countless numbers of malls. But if you’re more of an outdoors type, don’t worry – there’s plenty of ways to keep yourself busy camping or driving through the UAE deserts.

Mongolia and the most beautiful places
The rugged landscape of the least densely populated country in the world, Mongolia, is the perfect adventure destination for the traveler who seeks a glimpse into a different culture. Here are places that you should not miss when you are here.

Top 10 attractions in Mongolia
Mongolia is a diverse land with many beautiful places to discover, from the capital Ulaanbaatar, to its sweeping natural wonders. Whether you want to take in some culture or see what Mother Nature has to offer, you’ll find it in any one of these top places to visit.

Explore Qatar with these 8 incredible activities
Qatar may seem to be difficult to visit as it can be scorching in the daylight and freezing at night. However, this sandy country still manages to take adventage of the deserts to transform itself into a tourist magnet with stunning sceneries and unique experinces.

A memorable trip to the Dead Sea
Known as the lowest place on earth, Dead Sea has some of the most captivating natural sceneries that allure so many visitors to this destination. If you ever have the chance to stop by Dead Sea, do take note these places and activities.