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Japanese local fruits you need to try
Almost all Japanese fruits are cultivated as both generic and affordable types alongside their luxurious and pricey counterparts. A few of these fruits are native to Japan, and some were imported, but it’s safe to say that all of them have been cultivated in some way ...

Okayama dish, the legendary cuisine from Momotaro
Okayama is home to one of Japan’s most famous fairy tales, the legend of Momotaro. A popular folk hero, Momotaro was born from a giant peach and bravely fought demons with his trusty animal companions, a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant at his side - gaining lasting ...

Japanese traditional desserts you must try
Japanese sweets are always one of the most popular genres of food among people visiting from outside of Japan. Enjoy this list of Japanese desserts.

Top favorite summer dishes in Japan
What makes summer in Japan even better? The answer is delicious seasonal food. Whether you’re camping, eating out, or just looking for something cool to cool down on a sunny day, here is the list of the top summer food in Japan that you will certainly love at first ...

7 most famous regional dishes in Nara
Nara was not only Japan’s political capital but also the center of Japanese food culture, and many of the traditional Japanese foods we know today originated during the Nara period.

Street food in Tokyo, dishes that you should try once
Street foods are just as important to a city’s cultural identity as the finest downtown restaurants. Keep an eye out for these Tokyo street food favorites during your next trip to the city.