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Top 3 cat islands in Japan
If you’re a cat lover, you might find it ideal to be in the company of a cat. But can you imagine that there’re some islands in Japan with more cat residents than humans? Japan is known for the cute, and what could be cuter than cat and kitten faces?

The best local specialties in Ibaraki, Japan
Ibaraki is not only famous for amazing sceneries but fantastic cuisine. Among some of the notable things that Ibaraki is known for, Hitachi is the most popular name that almost anyone around the world would know. Here are the local specialties in Ibaraki that you ...

7 most famous regional dishes in Nara
Nara was not only Japan’s political capital but also the center of Japanese food culture, and many of the traditional Japanese foods we know today originated during the Nara period.

Discover these notable dishes from Fukuoka
As one of the closest cities to the Asian mainland, Fukuoka has developed unique and interesting food culture. With its warm weather, excellent public transportation system, and amazing food, it’s no wonder that Fukuoka appears every year on the top 10 most liveable ...

Japanese healthy dishes for cold weather
Winter in Japan is cold, but there are plenty of great ways to warm up with tasty and appetizing dishes. Actually, it is the perfect season for enjoying hot sake, gathering around the hot pot table, or even relaxing in a hot spring. Take advantage of the chilly days to ...

7 Asian dishes you will love during winter
Winter in East Asia can be quite extreme. As a result, Asians have to come up with foods which can somehow warm them up during the harsh winter.