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How to celebrate Seollal, Korean Lunar New Year
On the Lunar New Year, or Seollal, Koreans celebrate one of the country’s most important holidays. The Lunar New Year celebration in South Korea focuses on respect for one’s elders and ancestors, as well as time with family and loved ones.

7 traditional dishes for Tet that are not Banh Chung
Tet, Lunar New Year in Vietnam, is a special occasion. Everywhere you look, there are banners, lanterns and flowers of the brightest reds, pinks and yellows you’ve ever seen. But this celebration isn’t just for the eyes, it’s also for the stomach. Banh Chung is ...

Welcome New Year 2020 in Singapore
In Singapore, one can witness the vibrant fusion of cultures, ethnicity, communities and most importantly, people. The place is a complete package full of excitement, surprises and charm. So here is an idea, why not spend the New Year in Singapore?

Spend your New Year's Eve in Myanmar
Holiday festivities are becoming more and more popular in Myanmar as international influence continues to make its way into Burmese culture. Spending New Year’s Eve in Myanmar will give travelers something much more adventurous to do than watch a ball drop.

Traditions to celebrate New Year's Eve in Japan
In Japan, the New Year’s celebrations are some of the most important of the year. It’s not about fireworks and champagne, but spending time with one’s family and inviting good luck for the following year. Here’s how to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Japan.

Famous pagodas in Saigon to visit during Tet
Together with the festive atmosphere Tet brings to Vietnam every year, the event also the best time of the year for Vietnamese to spend time on their spiritual life and pay respect to religious institutions. Visiting pagodas on the first days of the year has long been ...

A special Saigon on Tet holiday
The holiday known as Tet, which usually falls in late January or February, is the most important holiday in Vietnamese culture. And Ho Chi Minh city, often called Saigon, is the busiest city of this country. However, there is another side of Saigon, which was shown ...

7 important Chinese rituals to celebrate Lunar New Year
The Lunar New Year is the most important occasion in China and some other countries, and celebrated across the globe. As a start of a brand new year, everyone is hoping for a good fortune. However, did you know that everything you do is associated with luck and ...

Welcome 2020 with a blast in Dubai
New Year in Dubai is a grand affair. Whether you want to party or sit in solitude within the comfort of the walls; whether you wish to enjoy with your family or someone special, Dubai has something to offer for everyone and all types of budget. Fireworks, parties, ...

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