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A getaway with most luxury resorts in the Philippines
The Philippines is a beautiful land of islands – over 7,100 of them in fact! Many travelers visit the Philippines in search of pristine beaches and the ultimate getaway spot. You can also find interesting historical sites, unique shops, fun festivals, and delicious ...

Visit Manila's 7 best ramen restaurants
In recent years, the ramen craze has spread across the globe. This enthusiasm for ramen, naturally, has reached the foodie-filled Metro Manila. Here’s a round-up of the best places around the metro for a ramen fix.

Explore the amazing beaches in Cebu, Philippines
Cebu is blessed not only with breathtaking attractions but also stunning beaches. Here are the best beaches on the island of Cebu that you need to visit.

6 breathtaking terrace fields around Asia
The terrace fields across Asian countries not only plays a vital role in supplying this essential food grain to the kitchen, but forms stretches of fascinating landscapes that are delightful and a visual retreat.

The best contemporary art galleries in Manila
Metro Manila has an abundance of contemporary art galleries scattered across the city, with Makati, in particular, holding the bulk of the best. Many of the galleries below join the top art fairs in the world, making the Philippines one of the most promising ...

Taste the most popular desserts in the Philippines
For those with a sweet tooth visiting the Philippines, the country has many a treat to satisfy a sugar craving. With many cultural influences throughout the country’s history, along with the use of Filipino flair and taste, a wealth of interesting sweets has resulted. ...

6 best resorts to stay in the Philippines this summer
From an exclusive island in Coron to an eco-friendly property in Panglao — here are our picks for the best resorts in the Philippines this summer.

What to do in Coron, Philippines
If Coron is not already on your bucket list, then get a pen ready. You can consider Coron to be a smaller, quieter, and just as pristine version of El Nido.

Top places to buy souvenirs in Manila, Philippines
Travelers visiting Manila anytime soon who’d like to buy a memento to remind them of their trip, finding souvenir items here surely won’t be a problem since Philippines has many great places to buy souvenirs.

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