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The most beautiful mosques in Istanbul, Turkey
With the minarets of around 3,000 mosques piercing Istanbul’s skyline, these places of worship are an integral part of the city. Here are the most beautiful mosques worth visiting on your trip.

Common condiments you can find in Japanese cuisine
When you go to most Japanese restaurants, you will come across several jars or bottles of different condiments placed on the table. But do you know what those condiments are or what they taste like? Here are some of the basic condiments found in Japanese ...

Top 6 restaurants in Xidan, Beijing
Xidan is one of Beijing’s most bustling commercial areas, so it is no surprise that it has some of the city’s best places to dine. Keep reading to find out where and what to eat in Xidan, Beijing.

6 interesting destinations in Khon Kaen, Thailand
Khon Kaen is a unique part of Thailand and is the most notable city of the area. It is an interesting destination that is coming into its own with its impressive scenery, the variety of fascinating animal parks, the ever-present temples of the region, and the awesome ...

A day trip in Hong Kong
Home to seven million people, 260 islands and more super-tall skyscrapers than any other city on the planet, Hong Kong is an immense destination in every sense of the world. Start with these Hong Kong attractions.

Visit the unique bridges in Chinese countryside
Scattered throughout China’s countryside are some of the most breathtaking examples of ancient Chinese architecture. Not only that, many of them are steeped in history, dating back centuries, with a story to tell.

All about Kimchi, Korea's nation food
You may have heard about kimchi, but what’s the fascination with this trending food? From its origins to uses, we’ve broken it all down. Here’s everything there is to know about the traditional Korean food taking the world by storm.

Discover Naoshima, Japan's surreal island of art
Naoshima is an island in the Seto Inland Sea that is known for its modern art museums, architecture and sculptures. Part of Kagawa Prefecture, the island with its Mediterranean atmosphere, sandy beaches and sunny weather, combined with a laid back, rural feel is a ...

Explore the most beautiful villages in Philippines
With its historic towns, idyllic beaches, sunny climate and diverse landscapes, the Philippines is quickly emerging as a destination to rival nearby tourist hot spots like Thailand and Indonesia. Encompassing 7,107 islands, this gorgeous country offers virtually ...

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