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Native animals you should see when visiting Vietnam
With coastlines, swampy river deltas, various types of tropical rainforests, caves and lush mountain ranges, Vietnam is fortunate when it comes to biodiversity. There are 30 national parks, as well as four UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. The government has also prioritized ...

Responsible animal watching in Sri Lanka
Even by the pearl-studded standards of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a jewel. Visitors flock here for the rich and diverse culture, beautiful sand-sprinkled beaches and astoundingly varied wildlife. However, Sri Lanka’s record on animal welfare is not so rosy. So how ...

Best places to spot monkeys in Thailand
Regardless of your feelings for monkeys, visitors are almost sure to come across at least one depending on where they travel to in Thailand. Those who do want to see them should check out the following best spots to monkey watch in Thailand.

The great experiences for animal lovers in Japan
Japan is known for its wonderful culture and connects with nature. It is beautiful and diverse. There are a number of different wildlife species in Japan which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Visit the best animal cafes in Tokyo, Japan
Cat cafés are beginning to spring up in Europe and North America, but Tokyo is already ahead of the game once again, innovating the industry with new ways to interact with the animals. From bunny theme parks to reptiles with lunch, tour Tokyo’s wildest animal cafés.

7 best animal coffee shops in Tokyo
Have you heard of “Animal Cafe”? It might sound a bit crazy but it is literally the place you can enjoy drinks and playing with or watching animals at the same time. Animal Cafe industry has become huge on market in last couple of years in Tokyo and now it is even one ...