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Top attractions you cannot miss in Kaohsiung, China
Besides the largest harbor city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung has more to offer. It is a name along with picturesque MRT station and the pagoda that you have to go in from a dragon’s mouth.

Top 5 historical sites in Beijing, China
The place we know as Beijing today has seen the rise and fall of dynasties and the comings and goings of millions of people. You can see the development of the Chinese capital through five following historical sites.

Explore Harbin, the Ice City of China
Being the Ice City of China and a popular winter destination, Harbin is famous for its very cold winters, ice and snow sculptures and exotic architecture.

7 most scenic destinations in Beijing, China
Beijing is famous for its historical and cultural attractions over the world. However, historical sites are not the entire Beijing. The natural landscape of Beijing is worth exploring, too. The following is a list of top 7 most scenic destinations in Beijing.

Top Sichuan street food to try in Chengdu, China
Chengdu is not only home to giant pandas, ancient cultures and unique tea houses, but also to mouth-numbingly spicy Sichuanese dishes.

The most popular desserts in China
Chinese cuisine features different desserts to accompany your meals. While most people think that the Chinese dessert constitutes of only the sticky rice cake, there are many other kinds of desserts.

Top reasons why you should visit Malaysia
What makes Malaysia so fascinating is its diversity. Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is an incredible mixing pot of China and India. You can explore thriving, modern cities, explore colonial architecture, relax on some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet ...

A day to visit Beijing, China
In Beijing, the capital city of China, you can visit amazing palaces, beautiful royal gardens, and solemn temples. Pack in a visit to The Great Wall, then experience the city’s vibrant contrast of old and new at its lush green spaces, ornate palaces, century-old ...

5 noodle dishes you need to try in Shanghai
Noodle is a treat to slurp, and each region of China has different creations to offer. In Shanghai, you’ll find delicate, seafood-rich compilations that are as comforting as they are tasty. Here are five unique, delicious Shanghainese noodle specialties that will take ...

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