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Some interesting activities on rainy days in Danang
If you think that exploring Danang is impossible on rainy days, then you might be wrong. Here is to-do-list on rainy days in Danang making you enjoy your holiday warmly.

The oldest villages and towns in Vietnam
Let’s take a look at and find out which villages and towns are the oldest in this country.

Diving into the Danang sky
Paragliding competition in central coastal city attracted 60 athletes from Vietnam and other countries.

Best tourist attractions near Da Nang
Da Nang often serves as a hub for travellers looking to explore more of Central Vietnam. It can be a springboard into the mountains and further north to Hue or a stop on the path south to the path south to the historic town of Hoi An or the ancient riuns of My Son. ...

Famous food in Danang
Stands and storefronts line the streets of Da Nang selling all manner of local delicacies. Central Vietnamese food, prepared fresh by vendors and enjoyed by locals on Vietnam’s signature low stools and plastic chairs, offers surprising variety in both tasteand ...