The oldest villages and towns in Vietnam

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The oldest villages and towns in Vietnam
Let’s take a look at and find out which villages and towns are the oldest in this country.

Friendly people, amazing cuisine and endless oceans and jungle but these things cannot describe the immortal beauty of Vietnam. These oldest villages and towns are the live witness telling you the story about the withstanding culture of the great country of Vietnam.
  • Duong Lam Ancient Village - Hanoi

    Duong Lam Ancient Village - HanoiDuong Lam Ancient Village - Hanoi

    Just 50km from the center of Hanoi, you will be amazed at the old and tranquil atmosphere of a live mount still working to preserve the color of time. Duong Lam ancient village still retains basic features of a Northern traditional Vietnamese village. Everything from the village hall, banyan trees, water wharves, to communal grounds, wells, fields, and pagodas will welcome you with open arms. The gate entrance of the village is located in Mong Phu village, next to a 300-year-old tree. Needless to say, it creates a rare intact landscape that has been around longer than you have.

    At Duong Lam Ancient Village, you can taste rice cake (banh te). It simply stuffed with minced pork and wood ear and tastes incredibly delicious. In addition, you can try another dish, che lam - a yummy snack in Vietnam. And don't forget to savor Duong Lam chicken. Duong Lam chicken has small feet and yellow skin. When it is cooked, it has white meat, yellow fat, and crispy skin.

  • Phuoc Tich Ancient Village – Thua Thien Hue province

    Phuoc Tich Ancient Village – Thua Thien Hue provincePhuoc Tich Ancient Village – Thua Thien Hue province

    Situated on the provincial border between Quang Tri and Thua Thien-Hue, Phuoc Tich village is nestled in the gentle O Lau river. If the ancient Vietnamese village in Duong Lam gives you the Northern feels, Phuoc Tich village is an intact example of Hue culture with original elements from the 15th century.

    What makes Phuoc Tich a special attraction is the gentle and peaceful beauty of the old houses that are over a hundred years old. At the entrance of the village, you can see a 500-year-old ancient tree and worship shrine. Wander around the village and you’ll be surrounded by old houses and spacious gardens with lush green trees, fragrant blooms, pine trees, apricots, and jackfruit trees still shading the village all year round.

    Phuoc Tich ancient village still has more than 30 traditional houses. Inside the ancient houses are fine wood architecture, horizontal lattices, tables, chairs, couches, mirrors, and altars that were carved carefully. Phuoc Tich ancient village used to be a traditional pottery village. It produced rice bowls for the king. These days, unfortunately, Phuoc Tich pottery products are not as abundant as before but it’s gradually recovering.

  • Tuy Loan Ancient Village – Danang City

    Tuy Loan Ancient Village – Danang CityTuy Loan Ancient Village – Danang City

    Just about ten kilometers from the center of Danang city, Tuy Loan is one of the five oldest villages in Vietnam. With a history of over 500 years, this ancient village is not only a trademark of Vietnamese history but it’s also a symbol of a peaceful Vietnam.

    Visit Tuy Loan village and you can witness the immortal beauty hidden under the shadow of ancient trees. Every year, on the ninth of January in Lunar New Year, there are lots of cultural activities such as boat racing, singing, grilling rice paper that attract a big number of boys, girls, villagers, and also travelers. On the 11th and 12th of August, the whole village gathers to solemnly honor their ancestors and pray for their families.

    The rapid development of the society has made some ancient villages in Vietnam disappear. Fortunately, Tuy Loan ancient village still retains its traditional architecture and customs. Therefore, it has become a must-see destination for travelers not only in Vietnam but also in the whole world.

  • Hoi An Ancient Town – Quang Nam province

    Hoi An Ancient Town – Quang Nam provinceHoi An Ancient Town – Quang Nam province

    Most of the ancient houses here were built in the 17th century to the 19th century. Hoi An has also retained over 1,000 architectural monuments like temples, village halls to houses and wells.

    The lantern is also considered a distinctive specialty of Hoi An. Travelers can easily see colorful lanterns anytime, anywhere around the street. Walk along the Hoai river, sit in the middle of a small boat to gently drop the lantern in the water, then gaze at the shimmering lanterns and pray for peace. It’s an experience that you shouldn’t miss. You can even bring handmade versions home with you.

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