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Admire the beautiful Lang Co in a day
Lang Co, which is 30 km away from Da Nang city in the south is a magical bay in Vietnam. Voted as one of the most majestic beaches all over the world in 2009, Lang Co boasts some of the prettiest beaches with an unspoiled shoreline. Lang Co is on the crossway of three ...

Top beautiful towns in Vietnam
Vietnam immediately captivates travelers with its rich heritage and striking natural beauty. Bordered by mountains and the Eastern Sea on the west, with the deltas of the Red River and the Mekong set towards the country’s North and South ends, Vietnam’s diverse ...

Visit Hue, an ancient city in Vietnam
Situated on the banks of the Perfume River in Central Vietnam, Hue once served as the imperial capital of the Nguyen dynasty, which ruled from 1802 to 1945. Today, the vestiges of this former glorious period are reflected in the city’s architecture, culture and ...

Come to Hue and visit its most popular royal tombs
Being the former capital of Vietnam, Hue still owns several royal tombs both visually and historically important. If you ever have the chance to visit Hue, come drop by these gorgeous tombs.

Top heritage sites you cannot miss in Vietnam
Vietnam has attracted millions of visitors every year for its stunning landscapes and diverse cultures. Moreover, there are some prominent places that have been recognized as world heritage sites by UNESCO.

Places to visit on your first trip to Central Vietnam
From rocky inlets to a sandy lagoon, Vietnam's Central is an area of great cultural and historical significance, a home to amazing cities both well-traveled and hardly yet explored.

Enjoy the best dishes from seafood in Busan
Busan is truly a paradise for seafood lovers. From the Jalgachi Fish Market to the shores of Haeundae Beach to the neon-drenched downtown area, there are plenty of places to find the freshest seafood.

Enjoy the poetic beauty of Hue at night
Hue City, an ancient capital of Viet Nam, welcomes a number of visitors every day who are interested in a mix of the new and the old. Along with many cool activities to enjoy in the daytime, the nightlight in Hue City may be really joyful and charming.

Top must-visit royal tombs in Hue, Vietnam
There are seven royal tombs in Hue, six to the southeast of the Hue Citadel on the other side of the Perfume River and a single tomb on the same side. Of these seven tombs, three are significantly more popular compared to the rest, due to their relative good condition ...

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