Admire the beautiful Lang Co in a day

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Admire the beautiful Lang Co in a day
Lang Co, which is 30 km away from Da Nang city in the south is a magical bay in Vietnam. Voted as one of the most majestic beaches all over the world in 2009, Lang Co boasts some of the prettiest beaches with an unspoiled shoreline. Lang Co is on the crossway of three world well-known destinations of Vietnam as Hue, Hoi An ancient town and My Son.

  • Lang Co Beach

    Lang Co BeachLang Co Beach

    Whether your dream beach trip consists of spending a few pampered nights in a four-star resort or swimming in a tropical beach, Lang Co is the sort of beaches where either or both can come true. Lang Co is one of the few beautiful beaches in Central Vietnam to have escaped development skill. The water is always deep green and postcard-perfect.

  • Lap An Lagoon

    Lap An LagoonLap An Lagoon

    Lap An lagoon (also known as An Cu Lagoon) is an 800-hectare brackish water lagoon in Hue and a part of Lăng Co Bay, Phu Loc District, nestled between Hai Van Pass and Phu Gia Pass. Setting against the backdrop of magnificent Bach Ma mountain range and facing the beautiful Lăng Co beach, Lap An lagoon is one of the remarkable natural landscapes in Hue, often described by travel lovers a place where the mountain meets the ocean.

    Visiting Lap An Lagoon, travelers can enjoy the picturesque scenery with white clouds floating on high mountain ranges in the unique bright blue sky background. The lagoon is as beautiful as the mysterious haven in the wonderland that can make people fall in love at first sight. As a tip shared between travelers, the best moment of the lagoon comes during the low tide period of the day when people can walk on the sandy footpath emerging in the midst of the water. Stunning and slightly adventurous, this favorite walk brings people a unique chance to see the water parted by a thin belt of land and find themselves lost in an immense natural beauty.

  • Bach Ma National Park

    Bach Ma National ParkBach Ma National Park

    Located in the Annamite Mountains, Bach Ma National Park is a lush and verdant place, situated in one of the wettest regions in the country. The steep mountainsides are home to resplendent forests and beautiful waterfalls, and dilapidated French villas are scattered about here and there. Unspoiled and untouched, this biodiverse region is home to a huge range of wildlife, making it a great place to go hiking. Trekking through the jungle is an amazing experience and consequently, Bach Ma is well worth checking out when you’re in Hue.

  • Hai Van Pass

    Hai Van PassHai Van Pass

    Hai Van Pass is one of the most beautiful passes in Vietnam, with serpentine roads leading away from the coast into the mountains. The pass connects the two cities: Da Nang and Hue, and played a crucial role during the Vietnam War, helping the Viet Cong transport food and weapons from one end of Vietnam to the other. At the top, near the Hai Van Gate, you can set up camp. Even if you aren’t a morning person, make sure to wake early to catch the breathtaking sunrise from up there – and then take a bath in the waterfall and lagoon to really wake up.

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