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Visit the best themed cafés in Seoul, Korea
With a coffee shop on nearly every block, Seoul is famous for its café culture. But perhaps the most noteworthy of the city’s cafés are those that are themed. Here are the most interesting of the lot.

Spend 24-hour on exploring Seoul
Seoul is an incredible city, brimming with mouth-watering food, exciting attractions and unforgettable shopping spots. The number of things to do, see and eat in Seoul are endless, and unique experiences await you on every corner. With a little bit of planning and ...

Facts about Hanbok that you may not know
Hanbok is Korea's traditional costume. The costume is not only elegant looking but also full of interesting facts. Follow this article to find out more about this piece of Korea's pride.

Where to find the best delicacies in Jeju
Although Jeju is such a tiny island, it is packed full of specialty dishes. From rich black pork to abalones plucked fresh from the ocean by Jeju’s very own ‘mermaids’, there are plenty of delicacies to try. Here’s a selection of Jeju’s best dishes to whet your ...

6 must-visit neighborhoods in Seoul, Korea
Seoul is an exciting city with so much to see and do. But if you have more time, one of the best ways to discover South Korea’s capital is to explore the city’s wide array of diverse neighborhoods, offering everything from art and culture, to history, shopping and ...

The ideal Asian countries to visit in September
If you have been researching where to go in Asia in September, you probably already know that most of the famous destinations such as Bangkok and Phuket are extremely hot and also very rainy this month. That is true in most of Southeast Asia as well, but there are ...

Beautiful towns in South Korea you should visit
South Korea is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. Rich with history, culture, and tasty cuisine, and packed with beautiful scenery, this land will be a worth-visiting country. Here are the most picturesque towns in South Korea.

Best late night restaurants to eat in Busan, Korea
Busan is, for the most part, a 24-hour city. From late-night BBQ joints to seafood restaurants that stay open well into the wee hours of the morning, here are some of our personal favorites.

5 best markets to visit in Daegu
Daegu, South Korea boasts a diverse range of delicious food. From spicy steamed ribs to chewy hand-cut noodles, there are all sorts of simple but tasty Daegu specialties to please just about every palate. Visit these traditional markets and get tasting.

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