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Famous locations Korean drama fans should not miss
Korean dramas (affectionately known as K-dramas) have gained worldwide recognition over the last decade, with every streaming site racing to broadcast the latest episodes aired in Korea. If you’ve always dreamed of stepping into the shoes of your favorite Korean stars, ...

Visit the Singapore locations spotted in Crazy Rich Asians
Fans of Crazy Rich Asians rejoice - the first book in a trilogy about the lives of a super-wealthy Singaporean family has made the jump from page to screen. Take a look at some of the Singapore filming locations found in the Crazy Rich Asians movie and what you can see ...

4 Hollywood movies filmed in Dubai
Dubai is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates and one of the most glamorous holiday destinations in the world. The affluence and luxury of the city makes it the ideal filming destination. We list the top movies filmed in this glamorous city.