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Have a nice weekend in Sri Lanka
Golden sun-kissed shores, heavenly mist-clad mountains and shimmery star-lit night skies are not the only reasons Sri Lanka is a highly popular destination from around the world. This tropical paradise has some of the most magical locations in tranquil seclusion, that ...

Best wellness retreats in Sri Lanka
Think breathtaking vistas over mountains or a soothing sunset over the ocean – if you are looking for some rest and relaxation Sri Lanka is the place to go. While there are many accommodation options for you to choose, Sri Lanka also has some specific wellness resorts ...

Get relaxed in beautiful resorts in Phuket
Visitors heading to southern Thailand, to the Pearl of the Andaman, have one too many accommodation options to choose from. To help select the best places to sleep after a day of exploring Phuket, here’s a guide to have a good trip in Phuket.

A getaway with most luxury resorts in the Philippines
The Philippines is a beautiful land of islands – over 7,100 of them in fact! Many travelers visit the Philippines in search of pristine beaches and the ultimate getaway spot. You can also find interesting historical sites, unique shops, fun festivals, and delicious ...

Top amazing Bali resorts for a perfect getaway
Bali is an exotic destination in Indonesia and a paradise for couples, where you’ll find the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. From fascinating cultural attractions to picturesque beaches and tasty local specialties, couples will find plenty of things ...

Stay at these best waterside resorts in Bali, Indonesia
If you want to be rocked to your deepest sleep by the sounds of lapping water, here are four dream places you could stay when visiting the Indonesian paradise - Bali.

6 best resorts to stay in the Philippines this summer
From an exclusive island in Coron to an eco-friendly property in Panglao — here are our picks for the best resorts in the Philippines this summer.

Top 3 luxury resorts in Vietnam for a perfect summer
Sipping a cold cocktail on a white sand beach, with a dense jungle at your back and the lapping of the tide gently soothing your senses – what could be better? Vietnam’s luxury beach resorts are some of the best in Asia, with luxurious accommodation available at ...

6 luxury hotels and resorts in Da Lat
Da Lat City is famous for flowers, lakes and cool mountain air. It is where the colonial French built their villas to escape Saigon’s heat. These days, there is no need to build your own mansion. Just let these hotels and resorts take care of everything for you.

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