Best wellness retreats in Sri Lanka

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Best wellness retreats in Sri Lanka
Think breathtaking vistas over mountains or a soothing sunset over the ocean – if you are looking for some rest and relaxation Sri Lanka is the place to go. While there are many accommodation options for you to choose, Sri Lanka also has some specific wellness resorts that have your health and well being foremost in their minds.

  • Santani Wellness Resort

    Santani Wellness ResortSantani Wellness Resort

    Head for the mountains to the Santani Wellness Resort and let its soothing aura calm your soul. Located in the hill capital of the country amidst an untouched wilderness, Santani Wellness Resort provides you a sanctuary where wellness is a way of life. Ayurvedic detox rituals, healing yoga to cleansing and luxurious pampering will lift your spirits as the surroundings blur the distinction of indoors from outdoors letting your lungs benefit from the purest of mountain air to invigorate your body.

  • Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Resort

    Siddhalepa Ayurvedic ResortSiddhalepa Ayurvedic Resort

    With a family heritage of over 200 years, Siddhalepa is a trusted name throughout Sri Lanka. Thus the Siddhalepa Ayurvedic Spa brings to you the goodness of this ancient healing practice in a modern setting in a wellness resort located in Wadduwa overlooking the brilliant Indian Ocean. With a comprehensive list of therapies, each of these treatments are designed to provide relief from specific ailments using 100% natural products as part of an ingenious indigenous practice that has been tried and tested over centuries.

  • Kandy Samadhi Center

    Kandy Samadhi CenterKandy Samadhi Center

    The awe-inspiring architecture of the location itself inspires mediation – The Kandy Samadhi Centre nestled among the lush vegetation of the Kandyan hills is your refuge from the city and all the stress it brings. The veranda of each suite gives out to immense paddy fields giving you a feeling of utmost privacy without the restriction of walls. Surrounded by Kandyan murals and ancient antiques, the Kandy Samadhi Centre allows you the opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga and take advantage of a wide range of Ayurvedic therapies during your stay.

  • Ulpotha


    A peaceful hideaway at the heart of Kurunegala district at the foot of the Galgiriyawa mountains, Ulpotha by definition is a traditional rice growing village. The Ulpotha retreat itself is only available for six months of the year, November to March and June to August, while the rest of the time, the village goes back to its regular activity of rice growing. Enjoy yoga and Ayurvedic therapies with the assistance of an Ayurvedic doctor, or simply absorb simple village life surrounded by nature. There are no hard and fast rules. Rest and relax the way you want in a space that is yours for relaxing.

  • Sen Wellness Sanctuary

    Sen Wellness SanctuarySen Wellness Sanctuary

    The Sen Wellness Sanctuary believes that Nature is the best healer and keeps to its beliefs. Tucked within the Rekawa’s expansive lagoon, the Sen Wellness Sanctuary is an exuberant healing hideaway that is also within the proximity of a turtle nestling site. With a unique architecture designed to draw energy from the earth, the Sen Wellness Sanctuary also offers yoga sessions, delectable food and Ayurvedic therapy headed by a team of osteopaths, yoga instructors, Arurvedic doctors and chefs.

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