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The best places to buy silk in Vietnam
Silk was once used as a type of currency in trade and played a big part in Vietnam’s history and economic development. It still plays a prominent role in Vietnamese culture today. Looking to buy some? Here are the best spots.

Popular souvenirs to bring from Shanghai, China
Shanghai, the biggest city and trading hub of China, is a gateway to China culture. When you set foot in Shanghai, it is when you have gained access to all the best products China has to offer. Take a look inside and enjoy your gift shopping in Shanghai.

What to buy in Bangkok, Thailand
The vibrant capital of Thailand, Bangkok is home to millions of friendly people. An even number of visitors come to this destination each year. Owing to the beauty and the diversity of its culture, there is a wide selection of products from the traditional to ...

Things to discover an amazing land Suzhou, China
Suzhou is one of China's cultural and historical capitals. The city's magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the stunning Grand Canal and dozens of classical gardens. The city is also known for the production of silk and vibrant history of the ...

Koh Dach, silk island in Cambodia
Silk Island, known locally as Koh Dach, is an island in the Mekong River. Located in north of the capital of Phnom Penh, it is an easy day trip that offers insights into rural Cambodian life without having to travel too far from the busy city.

Shopping in Vietnamese ancient city, Hoi An
If you are a shopaholic who always starts your trip with an empty backpack and will not go back home until you fill it up, Hoi An is where your dream of living in a couture shopping paradise comes true. Not only does it have couture clothing, Hoi An also has a lot ...