Shopping in Vietnamese ancient city, Hoi An

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Shopping in Vietnamese ancient city, Hoi An
If you are a shopaholic who always starts your trip with an empty backpack and will not go back home until you fill it up, Hoi An is where your dream of living in a couture shopping paradise comes true. Not only does it have couture clothing, Hoi An also has a lot of little things that will remind you of Vietnam when you bring them home.

  • Brocade bags

    Brocade bagsBrocade bags

    Vietnam boasts 54 different minor ethnics with fascinating history, culture and specialty including brocade textiles. Especially, each of them features their own brocade patterns in different style and color, which make these products hunted for by not only locals but also foreigners.

    These most iconic brocade bags are sold in most of streets in Hoi An at cheap price. It is not only impressive but also convenient. Brocade pieces with skillful handmade details that hard to find outside Hoi An. Tourists have many other choices from brocade bags, scarfs to wallets.

  • Hoi An Silk

    Hoi An SilkHoi An Silk

    Hoi An silk features soft, light and airy property. Silk has been Vietnamese ancient clothing material since hundreds years ago. Silk products will be great gifts to bring home from Hoi An. Tourists can have talented tailors make new clothes on your favorite style and color. Besides, other products from silk as bags or scarfs are available.

  • Painting and Photography

    Painting and PhotographyPainting and Photography

    Paintings and photography in Hoi An are favored by many visitors. Most of the artwork consists of scenes of elegant Vietnamese women in Ao Dai and Non La or Vietnam’s landscapes. Once you step into an art gallery, it is really hard to stop yourself from getting a piece of art, painted by the talented local artisans.

  • To He

    To HeTo He

    To He is made from clay and sold popularly in many streets. There are different sizes of To He with different shapes of animals and objects which related to Vietnamese lifestyle. To He can be used as fun musical instrument. Tourists are easy to see old women with a burden wandering around streets selling To He. Don’t hesitate to bring them home.

  • Chopsticks


    Chopsticks are indispensable things in Vietnamese meals. They are made from bamboo or wood. Nowadays, they are designed in variety of styles and materials, which will catch your attention at quick look. Many tourists choose chopsticks as gifts to bring home.You can look for them in many stores in Hoi An. Just pick one up and they may remind you some of the best food experience in this amazing city.

  • Lanterns


    When traveling to Hoi An, you will see a lot of colorful lanterns hanging from rafters and corners of buildings, they make the town warm and romantic. The lanterns are seen as a traditional craft of Hoi An, which the locals are very proud of. The lanterns are made of bamboo and silk fabric, available in different sizes and shapes. The locals believe that hanging a lantern in front of their home will bring happiness to their family. You can buy lanterns in the craft store or join a workshop to create one yourself.

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