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Visit the most beautiful towns in the Philippines
With its historic towns, idyllic beaches, sunny climate and diverse landscapes, the Philippines is quickly emerging as a destination to rival nearby tourist hot spots like Thailand and Indonesia. Encompassing over 7000 islands, this gorgeous country offers ...

Top beautiful towns in Vietnam
Vietnam immediately captivates travelers with its rich heritage and striking natural beauty. Bordered by mountains and the Eastern Sea on the west, with the deltas of the Red River and the Mekong set towards the country’s North and South ends, Vietnam’s diverse ...

Top reasons why you should visit Malaysia
What makes Malaysia so fascinating is its diversity. Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is an incredible mixing pot of China and India. You can explore thriving, modern cities, explore colonial architecture, relax on some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet ...

6 amazing places to visit in Georgetown, Penang
Tucked in on the eastern edge of the island of Penang in Malaysia, George Town is one of the most intriguing melting pots of culture to be found in Southeast Asia. The panoramic diversity can be seen in abundance in the colonial architecture and deep-rooted Asian ...

Visit Indonesia’s most famous old towns
Indonesia’s long and winding history has left behind a number of invaluable heritage sites. These charming, historical ‘old towns’ bear witness to the stories and events that helped shape the nation.

Kolkata's colonial architecture in 6 impressive buildings
One of India’s most historic and cosmopolitan cities, Kolkata has been at the center of activity of various civilizations at different points in time. Large populations of Chinese, Armenian, Jewish, and other immigrant communities have all called Kolkata home, and the ...

The most beautiful villages and towns in Thailand
While many visitors visit Thailand to focus on the beaches, jungles, and cities, there are plenty of picturesque villages and towns to discover too. Many things offer a great window into local Thai life as well as interesting attractions and activities. Add some of ...

Find the best street art spots in Singapore
If you want to enjoy street art with a mix of local ethnic heritage, why don't visit Singapore once to witness these incredible arts? You don’t need to go to a museum or an art gallery to learn more about Singapore’s history, culture, and art. Here are the best 7 ...

The must-visit townships in Taiwan
Taiwan is a country that is extremely rich in diversity. With the beautiful scenic landscapes and mountainous regions, it is the holiday paradise with many holiday resorts and hotels that provide ultimate relaxation to its visitors.

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