Best places to stay on a trip to Singapore

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Best places to stay on a trip to Singapore
If you haven’t visited Singapore you would be forgiven for thinking that the Asian cultural powerhouse was a steely city environment. But look beyond the squeaky-clean image and you’ll discover a country with sense of culture, long-established customs and culinary delights, all mixed up with the many different people that call the island city-state of Singapore home.

  • Orchard Road

    Orchard RoadOrchard Road

    Orchard Road is the beautifully designed shopping heaven. The area is the center of shopping for Singapore. Networks of malls connect and entice people in with designer boutiques and fast fashion shops; there is something for everyone in the malls on Orchard Road. Check out the historic department store Tang’s, which has been a staple of Singapore since 1932.

    Hotels along the one kilometer stretch of Orchard Road are upscale and luxury. The district is a prime location, as it has fantastic transport links and a whole host of dining choices that are open day and night.

  • Marina Bay

    Marina BayMarina Bay

    The famous Marina Bay is home to Singapore’s best known landmarks. This is where the iconic Marina Bay Sands is found, standing out in the city’s skyline with its quirky, boat-like silhouette – in fact, no visit to Singapore is complete without a drink from the skybar right at the top of the skyscraper. There are luxury design outlets dotting the bay which sit alongside 5-star hotels and Michelin star dining; staying in hotels along Marina bay is an ideal choice if you have a big budget and like luxurious living.

    Across the expanse of water are museums and low-key eating at the hawker center which sells classically Singaporean food from independent sellers. Taxis and buses are easy to pick up from the area but, as always, taking the time to walk around a city – especially along this city’s glowing riverfront – makes for an extra special visit.

  • Chinatown


    Set in amongst the soaring skyscrapers, Chinatown has seen a lot of development and love poured into it. As the center of Chinese culture in the country, Chinatown is home to an exciting side of Singapore. Traditional hawker centers sell unbelievably mouthwatering food and shops sell classically Chinese trinkets. At night, Trengganu Street and Pagoda Street play host to a night market. During Chinese New Year the neighborhood is lit up and adorned with decorations, and the pedestrianized streets become marketplaces that sell essential CNY items. The New Year parade also runs through the main street in the district and is a big event drawing crowds from all over Singapore.

    The MRT stops in the center of Chinatown, right in the center of Chinese shopping centers. Accommodation in the area is made up of stylishly converted, historic shophouses and various mid-range hotels which combine a bustling location, modern style and affordable prices.

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