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4 traditional houses in Korea that you can stay in
There’s no better way to experience Korean culture than staying in a traditional house. Most are private residences or have been converted into museums or restaurants, but here are a few you can actually stay in.

The most beautiful traditional gardens in Japan
Traditional gardens in Tokyo were originally created between the 17th and 19th century by the people who held political and economic power at that time such as the lords of local governments or wealthy merchants.

Osechi Ryori, typical Japanese New Year dishes
Osechi Ryori are the traditional foods enjoyed on New Year’s day in Japan. They come in an assortment of colorful dishes packed together in special boxes called jubako, which resemble bento boxes. Every dish of these traditional foods has special meaning in welcoming ...

What do Vietnamese prepare before Tet?
Tet is a major occasion in Vietnam. To celebrate Tet, Vietnamese have to do a lot of preparations for the big holiday ahead. Take a look at this article to find out what Vietnamese have to prepare for Tet holiday.

Vietnam's traditional foods during Tet
Tet is an important holiday in Vietnam, and having traditional foods stored in the house is a must during Tet. So what are these traditional dishes that Vietnamese love so much?

5 traditional activities during Tet holiday for families
In Vietnam, Tet is an important occasion for families to gather and do activities together. Below are the top five most preferable Tet’s activities Vietnamese people often do with family.

5 traditional markets you must visit in Korea
Traditional markets in Korea are hidden treasures, often located in residential neighborhoods, or just around the corner from grand palaces and beautifully historical attractions. Follow this guide to ensure you visit the best Korean traditional markets during your ...

Traditional Tet, Vietnamese Lunar New Year
Vietnamese New Year is the most important festival of the Vietnamese people. When spring arrives, all Vietnamese are thrilled by the advent of Tet. Wherever they may be, they feel an immense nostalgia, wishing to come back to their homeland for family reunion and enjoy ...

Favorite sweet cakes in South Korea
These sweet cakes from South Korea are usually highly appreciated because of their complex and careful decoration. Here are the best of sweet cakes that Korean people enjoy so much.

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