Cultural destinations in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Cultural destinations in Kathmandu, Nepal
As the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is one of the places people love stopping by the most in Nepal. The city is full of Buddhism spotlights and cultural destinations, which is perfect for people seeking for a pilgrimage trip.

  • Hanuman Dhoka

    Hanuman DhokaHanuman Dhoka

    Hanuman Dhoka is a complex of structures with the Royal Palace of the Malla kings and also of the Shah dynasty in the Durbar Square of central Kathmandu. It is spread over five acres. The Hanuman Dhoka Palace (Hanuman Dhoka Darbar in Nepali) gets its name from the stone image of Hanuman, the Hindu deity, that sits near the main entryway. 'Dhoka' means door or gate in Nepali. The buildings were severely damaged in the 2015 earthquake.

  • Itum Bahal

    Itum BahalItum Bahal

    The long, rectangular courtyard of the Itum Bahal is the largest bahal (Buddhist monastery courtyard) in the old town and remains a haven of tranquillity in the chaotic surroundings. On the western side of the courtyard is the Kichandra Bahal, one of the oldest bahals in the city, dating from 1381. A chaitya (shrine/sanctuary/temple) in front of the entrance has been completely shattered by a Bodhi tree, which has grown right up through its centre.

  • The Garden of Dreams

    The Garden of DreamsThe Garden of Dreams

    The Garden of Dreams, also known as the Garden of Six Seasons, is a neo-classical garden in Kaiser Mahal Kathmandu, built in 1920. Designed by Kishore Narshingh, it consists of 6,895 square metres of gardens with three pavilions, an amphitheater, ponds, pergolas, and urns. From the mid-1960s, upon the death of its patron, Kaiser Sumsher Rana, it lay in neglect but was recently restored with the help of the Austrian government.

  • Asan Tole

    Asan ToleAsan Tole

    Asan Tole is a ceremonial, market and residential square in central Kathmandu. It is one of the most well-known historical locations in the city and is famed for its bazaar, festival calendar and strategic location. Asan has been described as one of the fine Newar examples of a traditional Asian bazaar. The bazaar at Asan attracts shoppers from all over Kathmandu because of the tremendous variety of merchandise sold here, ranging from foodstuffs, spices and textiles to electronics and bullion.

    Asan is also one of the popular tourist spots in the city because of its architectural sights and charming ambiance. There are banks, restaurants and a post office. Two taxi stands and bus stops are situated on the eastern side.

  • Kathmandu Durbar Square

    Kathmandu Durbar Square Kathmandu Durbar Square

    Kathmandu Durbar Square is one of three Durbar (royal palace) Squares in the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, all of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    Several buildings in the Square collapsed due to a major earthquake on 25 April 2015. Durbar Square was surrounded with spectacular architecture and vividly showcases the skills of the Newar artists and craftsmen over several centuries.

  • Indra Chowk

    Indra ChowkIndra Chowk

    Indra Chowk is one of the ceremonial and market squares on the artery passing through the historic section of Kathmandu, Nepal. Six streets meet at Indra Chowk and link the square to Kathmandu's major localities. Its temples and bazaar draw streams of pilgrims and shoppers. The square is named after Indra, lord of heaven in Hindu mythology. Indra Chowk is a ceremonial venue and major festival pageants and chariot processions pass through the square.

Source: wikipedia, lonelyplanet

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