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The best types of tea you should try in Sri Lanka
The central highlands of Sri Lanka have the perfect ecosystem for growing high-quality tea. The first tea plant arrived in Sri Lanka in 1824 from China, as an ornamental plant for a botanical garden. In the years that followed, more tea plants were brought from Assam, ...

Facts you may not know about Durian Fruit
If you’ve never traveled to Southeast Asia, it’s possible that you have never encountered fresh durian fruit. However, once you have tasted the stinky fruit, it is an experience you are not likely to forget.

What Korean dishes you should try on New Year
Seollal is one of the most well-known Korean holidays, celebrating the start of the Lunar New Year. Families start preparing weeks in advance for this special holiday and travel all around the country to visit their relatives, to pay respect to their ancestors and ...

Top healthy Malaysian dishes you should know
Just because Malaysian cuisine is finger-licking good, doesn’t mean it can’t also be healthy. And hey, we won’t ask you why you’re on a diet —this is a list of healthy dishes for you how to lose the pounds without going dull.

Common condiments you can find in Japanese cuisine
When you go to most Japanese restaurants, you will come across several jars or bottles of different condiments placed on the table. But do you know what those condiments are or what they taste like? Here are some of the basic condiments found in Japanese ...

The best restaurants to have pizzas in Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is not necessarily known for its delicious Italian cuisine, but these restaurants are certainly impressing even the most seasoned of pizza lovers with their delicious pies. From crust baked to doughy perfection to savory slices, here are the best places to get ...

Japan, the quintessence of cuisine in Asia
Japanese cuisine (washoku) offers an abundance of gastronomical delights with a boundless variety of regional and seasonal dishes. When it comes to food, the Japanese are among the most enthusiastic and passionate of any race. From the traditional dishes of Kaiseki ...

Destinations for spicy food lovers in Asia
When it comes to spicy food, Asian countries are the most popular in the world. Every country’s got its own take on hot and spicy foods, with so many different delightful ways to burn your face off. Here are the best countries for those who love enjoying spicy dishes.

Ingredients you can easily find in Korean dishes
While Korean cuisine often varies from region to region, there are a handful of ingredients that staple components in just about every dish. In fact, a number of Korean dishes, particularly banchan (side dishes), use very similar ingredients and the only difference is ...

10 delicious dishes you have to try in Turkey
For those who move beyond the initiation of döner kebab, Turkish cuisine rewards curiosity with time-honed flavors and some of the tastiest street foods in the Mediterranean. Here are 10 Turkish dishes you must try.

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