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Exploring signature and unique foods & drinks throughout Asia.
Discover the best traditional dishes in Laos
Laotian cuisine or Laos food originated from an erstwhile northern region names Lao that is a part of China at present. As Laos migrated to the Northeastern part of Thailand, Laos food became an integral part of the food in Northern Thailand. In fact, Laos food has ...

10 flavors of mooncakes you should try in Mid-Autumn Festival
The Mooncake is traditionally a mix of salted egg yolks and sweet lotus paste in a hockey puck sized pastry. In response to demand for more varieties, pastry chefs have added some lighter, and better, mooncake flavors. Here are some flavors that you'll find in ...

The most unusual fruits you can find in Asia
Everyone knows the most common fruits, such as the apple, pineapple, mango, etc., but what about the rambutan or durian? Continue reading to see more interesting fruits in Asia you might not have seen before.

Top popular Middle Eastern dishes are worth trying
Middle Eastern cuisine is renowned for its exquisite flavors. It encompasses a wide range of dishes, from mouthwatering desserts to street food classics that have skyrocketed to global popularity in recent years. Here’s an eclectic list of foods from the region that ...

7 amazing themed cafés and restaurants in Taipei
Taiwanese restaurateurs have been recognized for their themed restaurants, often taking inspiration from everyday objects (for instance, a toilet), animals, or popular culture and running with that idea until an entirely new breed of establishment is born. If you are ...

7 unique beverages you should try once in Vietnam
Vietnam is well-known for its delicious street food with fresh herbs and aromatic broths but do you know that beverages in Vietnam are also very unique and iconic?

Explore the most popular dishes in the Mid-autumn festival
Mid-autumn festival is known as one of the largest festivals in Asia. There are a lot of different ways to celebrate this great holiday, such as gathering with friends and family, worshipping the moon, praying and looking pretty lanterns. Let’s take a look at different ...

Taste the traditional sweets from Asia
Take a peek at these exotic treats that millions of people in Asia enjoy every day. There is such a wide variety of desserts to be found across Asia. Here are the best of traditional sweets you must try once.

7 best rooftop restaurants in Singapore
It is hard to distinguish which are the best rooftop restaurants in Singapore. The city is so bright and vivid, so full of energy and countless entertainment, shopping and dining venues, that is hard to simply choose one. Below are the best rooftop restaurants you can ...

The yummy dishes from banana in Vietnam
Banana is a nutritious tropical fruit with a lot of health benefits, therefore the Vietnamese incorporate them into a lot of recipes. Here is a list of some very popular dishes that are made from bananas that people often enjoy in Vietnam.

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