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Exploring signature and unique foods & drinks throughout Asia.
Best Thailand drinks for this hot summer
Staying hydrated is key to surviving Thailand’s brutal, unforgiving heat. If you find yourself dying for a drink, quench your thirst with one of Thailand’s unique beverage options below.

The must-try spots for ramen in Tokyo, Japan
Ramen, Japan’s iconic noodle soup dish, does not only enjoy massive popularity in its home country but all around the world. Eating authentic Japanese ramen is a highlight for a lot of tourists, but the sheer abundance of shops and noodle soup varieties can make this ...

Vietnam cuisine: the best dishes made from sticky rice
Vietnam is an agricultural country with the major crop is water rice. There are many varieties of rice, and sticky glutinous rice is a specialty of Vietnam.

The best traditional dishes you should try in Pakistan
As a whole, lentils, milk, seasonal sabzi, flour and wheat products are the most abundant food that form the basis of the Pakistani cuisine. Even if vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, okra, peas or chickpeas are eaten according to the season, here is a concentrated ...

The best burger joints you could find in Tokyo, Japan
If you’re in the mood for a delicious burger when in the heart of Japan, you’ve come to the right place, as Tokyo is also home to an array of top fast food joints serving mouthwatering burgers – here are some of the best.

The best local ramen in Japan you must try
Along with sushi, ramen is the Japanese food you’ll find on the must-eat list of nearly every traveler to Japan. Ramen is a noodle soup dish that was originally imported from China and has become one of the most popular dishes in Japan in recent decades.

6 laksa dishes you must try in Singapore and Malaysia
Laksa is one of the most celebrated dishes in Singapore and Malaysia. From hot and sour to fresh and creamy, this is one mouthwatering bowl of noodles you’ll need to taste in all its forms.

Taste the unique street food in Bali
If food list is considered as your number one reason for travel, you will be glad to know that Bali is the ultimate food paradise. What is even better is that you do not have to break the bank to fill your bellies.

7 best summer desserts in Seoul, Korea
Summer in Korea is awesome but can be terribly, terribly hot and humid. July and August are the hottest month. Monsoon season with heavy unpredictable rain often surprises locals and tourists alike.

The must-try bakeries in Tokyo, Japan
If you have ever been to Japan, you have probably encountered the "Japanese Bakery" serving up delicious treats, usually located around train stations and pretty much anywhere people go. Here are 6 Japanese bakeries worth a visit in Tokyo.

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