Explore trekking trails in Asia

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Explore trekking trails in Asia
From volcanic peaks to jungles and rainforests, trekking in Asia will keep even the most seasoned adventurer happy on the trails. So if you’re in need of some inspiration for your next big trip, check out some of these epic trails around Asia.

  • Mt. Everest Base Camp

    Mt. Everest Base CampMt. Everest Base Camp

    Naturally, climbing Mt. Everest is a wet dream that plagues every avid mountain climber out there. However, a less dangerous and more attainable feat would be climbing the Everest Base Camp which you can reach from either Nepal or Tibet. On the way up to Base Camp, not only will you test your physical and mental willpower, but you will also be able to enjoy stunning views and experience the local Sherpa culture. The South Base Camp accessible from Nepal and is 5,364 meters high. Alternatively, the North Base Camp from Tibet is 5,150 meters high but is equally as challenging.

  • Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

    Mount Kinabalu, MalaysiaMount Kinabalu, Malaysia

    Mount Kinabalu in Borneo is a popular choice amongst travelers due to its accessibility. Compared to the other high peaks, reaching the summit is easier and takes only two days. Recently, you can also climb this Via Ferrata which is ironically the highest in the world (via ferrata translates to “iron road” is a series of steel cables and ladders leading you to the summit) The sunrise from the top makes this experience worth it as you stand above the sea of clouds. The highest point of Mount Kinabalu stands at 4,095 meters and is a great challenge for those who want to reach a summit quickly.

  • Sapa, Vietnam

    Sapa, VietnamSapa, Vietnam

    This mountain settlement near the Vietnamese border with China has everything a hiker craves for. Trails varying from half-day walks to Hmong and Dao villages, to a four-day trek up Vietnam's highest peak, Fansipan. Built by the French in 1922 as a mountain retreat from lowland Vietnam's oppressive heat, Sapa's year-round cool climate and amazing views have made it a popular tourist destination. The green rice terraces and unspoiled highland forests serve as the perfect backdrop to an easy hike through the mountains on the way to popular Sapa stops like the Bamboo Forest and Ta Phin Cave.

  • Gondogoro La, Pakistan

    Gondogoro La, PakistanGondogoro La, Pakistan

    The Gondogoro La connects the Gondogoro glacier and Baltoro glacier to the Shigar Valley. This trail crosses the Karakorum region of Pakistan and gives you views of K-2, Broad Peak and Masherbrum to name a few. You will have to conquer one of the highest mountain passes in the world, the Gondogoro Pass. It’s best to tackle this trek early in the season (late June) when it is easiest to pass.

  • Doi Inthanon, Thailand

    Doi Inthanon, ThailandDoi Inthanon, Thailand

    At 8000 feet above sea level, Doi Inthanon is Thailand's highest peak, located in Chiang Mai close to Myanmar. Its unique vegetation and wildlife make Doi Inthanon a must-visit for nature lovers – birdwatchers in particular flock to Doi Inthanon for its varied bird population. Despite its elevation, Doi Inthanon is an easy climb – most of the trail is well-worn and paved in parts. The main trail stretches 30 miles from base to summit, encompassing Karen and Hmong settlements and a landscape that starts out subtropical, transforming into a frigid alpine climate close to the top.

  • Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

    Annapurna Circuit, NepalAnnapurna Circuit, Nepal

    Along with Mt. Everest, the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal often graces the top ten list of most epic hikes. From weaving mountainous peaks, winding rivers, and stunning mountain ranges, the entire circuit takes about 17-21 days to complete. It takes you through holy Hindu and Tibetan sites, reaching a high point of 5416 meters. Although this trek isn’t too difficult, the cold weather and high altitude are still factors to consider.

  • Kawah Ijen, Indonesia

    Kawah Ijen, IndonesiaKawah Ijen, Indonesia

    From the base camp at Paltuding, a short but challenging 3-kilometer trail snakes up a mountain in Eastern Java in Indonesia to arrive at an alien looking place. Getting to the top takes about 2 hours, and then you will pass by Ijen's sulfur miners on the way up, scantily-masked fellows who earn a pittance harvesting sulfur from the crater.

  • Ladakh Range, India

    Ladakh Range, IndiaLadakh Range, India

    The highest and largest part of India is located by the Ladakh Range where you will see a large Tibetan influence. Home to lots of sheep and yaks, this mountainous area is a beautiful place to trek as you enjoy the beauty of things around you. Hilly terrains, rocky cliffs, and stunning grasslands, the ranges vary from 2750 to 7672 metes above sea level. Check out Ladakh Tourism for great adventure packages.

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