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6 must-visit places in Philippines in 2020
The Philippines is a stunning country to explore that is filled with thousands of tropical islands, stunning beaches and a heap of amazing cities. And that is the thing, with so many islands you are almost guaranteed to find some of the best places in the Philippines ...

Ideal destinations to go partying in Asia
A lot of people travel so they can enjoy the incredible nightlife that’s happening around the world. Bookmark this page, as we reveal Asia’s best islands for party lovers.

A getaway with most luxury resorts in the Philippines
The Philippines is a beautiful land of islands – over 7,100 of them in fact! Many travelers visit the Philippines in search of pristine beaches and the ultimate getaway spot. You can also find interesting historical sites, unique shops, fun festivals, and delicious ...

Best destinations to visit in Visayas, Philippines
While Visayas seems small compared to its neighboring island groups in the Philippines - namely Luzon and Mindanao - this island group should not be underestimated. We round up the best destinations in Visayas in this article.

Enjoy the best beach resorts in the Philippines
The Philippines is a popular tourist destination. Whether you come to visit its many sights around the country or just to spend your holiday in one spot, you’re sure to have a dream vacation here. If relaxation is your primary reason to visit, you won’t be ...

Top activities to do in Boracay, Philippines
One of the most popular beach destinations in the Philippines, Boracay Island is famous for its fine white sands and lush tropic scenery. Tourists from all over the world have found solace in this tiny piece of paradise, making it a place people come back to again and ...

Choose the best beach resort for yourself in the Philippines
Whether you come to visit many famous sights around the country or spend your holiday in a spot, you definitely desire a perfect vacation for yourself. Since most of the Southeast Asian countries are made up of many islands, especially the Philippines is a popular ...

Boracay, the tropical island
Boracay is the top beach destination in the Philippines. This small island is probably the only tourist destination in the country where you can find lively nightlife, excellent dining, a wide variety of place to stay, even shopping area, all in one sandy stretch.