Best destinations to visit in Visayas, Philippines

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Best destinations to visit in Visayas, Philippines
While Visayas seems small compared to its neighboring island groups in the Philippines - namely Luzon and Mindanao - this island group should not be underestimated. We round up the best destinations in Visayas in this article.

  • Bohol


    For a nature lover’s perfect getaway, Bohol is the ideal destination in the Visayas Region. Find lush landscapes and the amazing Chocolate Hills (which turn chocolatey brown in color during the summer), experience eating a meal on a river cruise in Loboc, and see the furry, small creatures called the Philippine Tarsiers, which are considered endemic to the country.

  • Cebu


    Known as the province where the oldest city of the Philippines is found, the island of Cebu offers stunning views, land and sea adventures, and the grand festival of Sinulog, celebrated every third week of January each year. Apart from immersing yourself in nature and having the chance to see whale sharks on the island, Cebu also plays an important role in Philippine history; it is where the Battle of Mactan was held and the first successful resistance to Spanish colorization was recorded.

  • Boracay Island in Aklan

    Boracay Island in AklanBoracay Island in Aklan

    Part of the country’s pride comes from the island group of Visayas’ world-famous Boracay Island, which was hailed as the best island of 2017! Popular to tourists for its white, fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters, this island is the best location for a variety of water sports, adventure activities that seem endless, and late-night island parties. Of course, you shouldn’t skip the food trip, where you can taste freshwater seafood.

  • Siquijor Island

    Siquijor IslandSiquijor Island

    If you’re in search of pristine beaches and natural wonders that offer unique experiences, then Siquijor Island is the place to be! While it’s infamously known for dark myths (they say you can find voodoo doctors here), this remote island will satisfy your wanderlust, as it provides the perfect place to relax, unwind, and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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